Unyielding Does not Solve No Conqueror

I lifted the title from the character from "The Transformers". I wanted to start by being honest and this article will be one big honest confirmation. In life and existence, we always need to fly a path, an honest path for ourselves or be normal with "nothing special to happen" to us. Indeed, the great man makes them wonderful by not looking for short cuts and having unilielding solving in himself that is completely within himself.

I'm not talking about personality. I am writing about the essence, in fact. Only the essence is actually original, but everything else is just borrowed for our stay on earth or wherever we are or in the universe, including personality.

When I think and understand the "spark of the soul," I understand it honestly. I do not consider personality, I do not count anything outside of us: I only count on the essence and what we do with it. Here's my opinion: We can dig our essence and be normal or live in our core and be great, it's always our advantage. That's what I actually mean by the quotation in this article: Dishonest solution has no winner. Live with perfect courage, and I do not mean "foolish courage" either. I mean to live honestly in yourself and be absolutely real to yourself without compromising even when fear is sometimes too bad, and you can be honest about "turning your music brave" instead of looking for " easy way out "with fear and consistency. If you can say "My reputation!", You can honestly say "me to teach!" when there is a need for intestines and integrity that will make you great. After all, as long as it exists, there is always a chance to make reality correct and existence will not stop being available anytime soon.

When you cheat and shorten, you only cheat and shorten yourself like an older kid in the eleventh or twelfth grade at a high school who pays twenty dollars in an automated savant in the fifth or sixth grade to make Algebra and Calculate homework while they celebrate and have good time on dates and skip the necessary job. It's a rare and smart kid or person who takes care of the value of education and genetically growing without losing it. That's the basis of what I get. Realism comes true to those who do not let go of the job and really do it any way, in fact, ordinary people seem to look at shortcomings and cheating ways that amazing people have plans.


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