Using Flowcharts With Purpose Setting

Have you ever noticed that the top big companies use flow charts? Flowcharts can help you map the steps to reach the goal. You can see the steps in a flow chart, which lets you measure how far you've come and how far you've left. Major car assembly lines use flow diagrams to assemble engines, just like Ford … but flow charts are a great visual tool to keep you well in order to achieve your goals.

When I'm making a flowchart, I start on my right and draw a circle or a bubble. Inside the circle I write what success I want at the end of the game. (Example: Earn $ 125,000 a year in indirect income from my online affiliate / information company). When I have finished my closed flowchart, I start working back to the left. The next bubbles I draw are the steps that are right before the end of the result. In this example, the steps are right before the end result: Create a sale for my e-book (there is one bubble that connects to the end). Create sales from online member projects (it's another bubble that is related to my final goal), etc. .

As I described the examples above, I continued to repeat this step to the right, until I have written the first step (what can start today or tomorrow). At that point, the flow chart is done.

The extensive use of the flow system is to send it to a wall that you see daily so that it reminds you where you are, how far you arrive and how far you left. You can always add the flow chart or take the old steps you have already completed.

The option I want to add, especially in the career / success type of flow screen, is another bright colored sheet on the right to the right, at the end of the flow screen. On the paper write & Rewards & # 39; and underneath it, write the prize you receive to achieve your desired results. In my case, the prize could be: enjoying hot fudge sundae, getting a pedicure or a very big prize for a very big goal would be to take a two week vacation to Hawaii with my family. The prize you choose and contain should be desirable enough to propel you to follow-up actions.


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