Verifications to the Rescue!


"Almost everyone walks around with the great mystery of imaginary boundaries inside his head. Although burden is seen, personal performance is as hard to catch as Everest's request with sacks of cliffs tied to the back." JH Brennan

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Edward Lewis: "You could be so much more."

Vivian Ward: "People put you well enough, you start to believe it."

Edward Lewis: "I think you are a very bright, very special woman."

Vivian Ward: "Bad stuff is easier to believe … you notice it?"

From the movie "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

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"You can change your faith so that they strengthen your dreams and desires."

Marcia Wieder

In section 1 of this article, we described the internal critic as being an independent saboteur in our lives. In this chapter we will deal with dealing with our own inner thoughts through technology called confirmation.

Verifications are a method, but slow, to replace destructive and restrictive scripts / conversations with the attitudes and menus of your choice. It makes sense that you must "reprogram" imported specifications you have been running for many years. But it also says that since it took a few years to get your idea thinking it's definitely not to be overnight to change it.

But if, of course, it is determined to perform confidentiality and you will see changes in your thinking life, then it's better. Louise L. Hay has even published a book entitled "You Can Cure Yourself", which uses confirmation to assist in healing physical conditions. Confirmations are safe and highly recommended method to take control of your internal critic and open the potential of living life for you.

Confirmations are constructive, positive statements that you repeat of course at least once a day, more often better. Make it a part of tomorrow morning and the evening trip so you've taken part in it in your habits. Each statement should be said three times totally out loud. Once in the first man, "I'll get well in my life." The second time, "You deserve success in your life." And for the third time as "the name describes in his life." Repeat each statement three times may take some time depending on how many people you work with, so take some time. In addition, all your confirmations should be in modern times as they are already a fact.

I strongly recommend writing your confirmation on 3X5 cards to facilitate it. To restore a special "hard-to-accept" confirmation, send it around the house, the car and the office after comments. You can even create a small poster on your computer with a specialty basket to hang on a promin place as a new "motto" to edit.

As one set of confirmations becomes easier for your mind to accept, add about five new ones (which raise the bar only) and continue to challenge the internal critic and pry open those jailbreaks. As an additional support for the verification course, you may want to use some downlines to assist. Louise L. Hay has a special emphasis on self-esteem and something that Stephan Halpern is widely recognized as safe and well-done.

Create your own confirmation by using the aforementioned one as a template and change the restrictions you face. There are many online examples.

I use personal confirmation, has been for several years now and will continue to come for many years. I created a CD with my confirmation and every day on my way to work I repeat them when I drive. I know it has had a significant impact on my life, opening new vistas that I've never allowed before. To me, it's the foundation stone to realize the abundance and the life of your life and your life. Before any of us can really design and create a lot of life we ​​want, we must do preparation work to ensure our success. I know that the life I live now would not have been possible if I had not done this basic job and created an environment where my dreams will be supported, not broken down by my thinking life. After all, we must have our best friend, not our own worst enemy.

For the next time, I wish you good luck in all areas of your life,

BM Morrison


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