What is social innovation?

Innovation plays an important role in any business development. This is to be continued and especially competitiveness. Innovation makes a better and more competitive environment above all. This mainly influences the improvement of many processes and better quality control over all business structures.

There are different types of innovations, as determined, innovations are characterized by:

-Production Innovation,
-Social Innovation

2, belong to the technical status. The last one belongs to the social scene, telling people in any innovation process. We consider this most important because without encouraging people, defined by the company's role, vision, value, etc., can not be achieved permanently.

If we want innovation in small, medium or large companies, we must certainly develop a good innovation method, especially by putting innovation into the core business of the company.

Social innovation is the key key manager that led the globalization companies. Bearing this in mind, we can manage the middle of the world's uncertainty because effective strategic management means that we can steer clear changes in the uncertain world, which means taking two main ways, one is: [19659002] -What use of resources, of course, applied naturally
-Select resource recovery,
-Design of resources taking into account the time, risk, value creation, etc. These 3 major levels will lead to economic efficiency and It will contribute to value creation, another way is:

– To control people behavior (Human Resource Management)
– To ensure change presentation,
-Page and Flexibility,
-Entegration and cohesion,
-Mutation through cultural change.

Social innovation enables the company to create creativity among its members, enabling continuous transformation views, like viruses, by having a solid social innovation policy that allows employees to stay away from the comfort area and comes in prevent the company from being a dangerous habit.

Meetings are always required to inject this innovation virus to all members of the company, especially executives who must do the same things for others.


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