Why do you confirm?

Everyone has heard about confirmation before and many of us have even tried to use them before. The question is how many of us are stuck with it? How many have integration in their lives so perfect that they are as important as eating and sleeping? Probably not very many. Why?

Confirmation is defined in the dictionary as a positive statement, statement or verdict; Something expressed to be true. We know we are creating positive words, a list of positive things about us, our jobs, our lives, our finances, and we should say them out loud to ourselves every day, preferably in front of the mirror. Most people probably provide confirmation because they do not really understand the "science" about how they work.

The key is to be connected to how confirmations can and will create strong changes in our lives if we use them properly. A good exercise for this is to form a picture of the clock. It might even be better to draw the clock. In the 3 hours, the word "thoughts" and the 6th hour has become "LANGUAGE", in 9 hours the word "ACTIONS" and by 12 Hours has become "RESULTS". The image on the clock is useful to help us realize that achieving our goals is a bit like achieving a certain time today. We can not just let go of the 12 o'clock and eat our lunch. We must allow time to go in order. Similarly, we can not just let go of the results of our lives without having thoughts, speaking languages, and taking action.

Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you can not, you're usually right." In other words, your life is what you believe to be. If your thoughts are negative then your life and vice versa. It also means you can only do what you think you can do. If we have mostly negative thoughts, what we say, our speech, will also be negative. When our language is constantly negative, it's potentially impossible to take a fertile, positive action. Without positive action, obviously we will not have positive results.

Now, form the word "AFFIRMATIONS" as the second hand of the clock, slowly and steadily to be bored, touch and affect each element. When we repeat positive statements over and over again, we are consciously moving our minds to break breaks into negative thinking patterns that have become routines. This will once again translate into an increasingly positive language, which will significantly increase the chances of taking strong actions – which will of course lead to great success.

Of course, confirmation will not work in a vacuum. In other words, if you just sit on the couch all day, say confirmation, but do no action (stuck second hand that stops the clock), you will not see results. Always use awareness consciousness, keep moving, because action leads to success and success.

Consider this way. Many of us know what it's like to feel depressed. It's hard to get out of bed and move. You feel like lying around all day, maybe just planning in front of the TV. You probably want to be alone (which is good because you would probably spread the energy out of someone you are in your presence). Think about time when something is happening in your life. You rush up in the morning (probably early), you have a lot to do but you're excited about it rather than surprising. You depend on each project of energy that assumes that you will be successful when you have finished work. You are happy to be with and people feed your high spirits as you make them emotional and positive.

Which one of these people will achieve the best results in their lives? If we have a choice, we all know who we want to be around. This also applies to the people in the world who can help us reach our dreams and achieve our goals. They do not want to be around depression, orkusog, an unfaithful person either.

Take the time to understand how confirmations work and then tend to take advantage of them daily, will help you motivate, the positive person as a good part took place. Once you've started creating positive results, your thoughts, languages ​​and actions will be even more positive and powerful, leading to even better results that lead to bigger and better thoughts, languages ​​and actions, etc. And so on and so forth on …


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