Wood Glasses – Innovation in Spectacles Manufacturing

It is common for plastic, various metals and alloys to be used in the product of glasses, but have you ever heard of wooden wooden frames? The first time I got to know glasses on windows I was amazed and could not help explaining what innovation! An unexpected combination of natural elements and glass lenses makes the wooden glasses unique and unmatched.

First, glasses come across the environmental protection concept in modern society. The invention of glass glasses focuses not only on reducing potential pollution in our environment to any extent, but also to lessen the public on the importance of environmental protection at any time.

Secondly, they are cost-effective. Acetate fiber, polyurethane resin and color concentrate are mixed and then mixed spray on the glass frame mold. Then after grit blasting procedure, shades would be done. This is a rather simple and practical operation that allows for wide-spread distribution in the production of the islands.

Thirdly, the owners of nature have content, trampolines are almost uncomfortable and the color is not easy to disappear. Therefore, everyone, especially those who are allergic to plastic glasses or certain metallic glasses, can be breastfeeding without worrying about health reasons.

Fourth, thanks to the recycled material used again, these eyelashes are out of shape. However, just because of this reason, they can easily break off. Therefore, if you are going to buy glasses, keep in mind to take care of them. First, make sure you put them in the glass shelves if they fall down; Second, keep them away from water, which would make the wood get wet.

The Japanese eyeglass brand, KATA, works well in wood glass production. Glasses of different types, ranging from around glasses to precious stones, are provided. The breathtaking grid pattern and 100% natural woods enable them to find fame with celebrities, such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Will Smith, Samuel L Jackson and Michele Yeoh, etc.

Wood glasses are definitely an innovation in the production of islands. They would provide us with better lifestyles, give us healthier and high quality of life and make the hands handsome, women more beautiful and close to children.


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