Youth Football Training – Coach Notebook

Do not take any course as to what players know. Tell them anything that could happen to a game, compensation or defense. For example, the position of your foot is blocked or if you are talking to your back, what linebacker will do. Write down everything you know down to your status as you train; Views, exercises, tricks, knowledge of what could happen to a play. Give this to each position. Also have part of discussions 1, 2 and 3 down to play by location. Have state people be aware of the same.

– Have a classroom on plays; New plays and special plays.

– Last year, coaches and leaders have played a playbook on Monday night.

– Walk through plays. Make sure that damages and defenses know as much of the other team as possible.

– Work on a special team game.

– Defenders watch the ball. No of the sides.

– If you are practicing goalkeeping, crime or defense, practice yourself on the goal line.

– Repetition.

– Teach this week on Sunday that they respond to

Start each season with the belief that you are working. Play to win. Winning is expected. When playing time you will be there. No matter what the cut or what the situation. Always make sure you're working. Never think you're going to do anything but work.

Trainer Rating – Ratings 1-10



2. Aggressive

3. Blocking

4. Agility

5. Speed ​​(speed)

6. Hard Hitting

7. Strength

8. Football Smart

9. Position

10. Dealing with


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