"Baby Step" Goal Setting and Planning

When you only think about your dreams and desires in your mind is all your wishes. These thoughts can move you towards these dreams slowly if they dominate your mind, but it's a much faster way to get what you want.

When you write your dreams and desires on paper, you've created plans. You have written goals. Wishes will never change your life and get what you want and understand. Written plans and goals will make all your dreams and wishes come true. Written plans are your drawings to achieve everything you want in life. They are step by step road maps that move you fast to the desired destinations. All successful people have written plans.

Without detailed written plans for each day, week, month and year for the rest of your life, you will be like a blower in the wind. Whether the wind decides to blow is the way your life will take. Daily situations, the environment you work in, and others will instruct the direction of your life, not you. Is this sound familiar?

If you get into your car and start driving on a strange destination without any plans or directions where you have to end? How do you get to this destination? You must drive everything. If you live your life without written instructions and intend you have no idea what your life will be like in the future and it's like running without guidance. Is this you? If so, you are going to learn how to take full control of all areas of your life and formulate your plans for your future life. You are about to know what direction you are going into. You are going to learn how to get something you want. And you will learn to do this by reaching the goal of "child-step".

You take a few steps that lead you to complete small goals. This leads you to achieve far more than making unrealistic plans of key goals that are hard to accomplish and take a long time to realize. And these little "love-step" goals build on each other quickly and bring you powerful toward all your bigger goals.

Let me ask you a question … if you have 20 people coming to a party in your house Next weekend would you make plans for this person? Or do you just want to let them come up and ask them what they wanted to do? You would plan for food and drink and entertainment would not you? Most people want to organize their weekends fun in detail, but they do not have a plan for their lives. This is crazy if you think about it.

Let me give you an example of a plan for childbirth plans …

Suppose your New Year's decision would be to lose 30 pounds of excess weight you're wearing. You promise that you are watching what you eat and drink and exercise regularly. This is a big goal and would take some serious plans and implementation of their plans to achieve it. But most people surrender to this goal in a few weeks or months or two at best because they failed to make plans to achieve this goal. After a few weeks the goal seems so big they give up.

What if you broke down this goal in small, manageable steps and attacked your weight loss 5 pounds at a time? You write down the foods you are eliminating, prepare a daily diet and spend time in the week you are going to exercise. You work hard and are going to lose only 5 pounds a month. You know you can do this. 5 pounds is not so awesome. Is this not much more accessible than simply telling you to lose 30 pounds? If you work hard and reward yourself every month you lose 5 pounds, you'll feel and feel totally different in just 6 months! And you'll be 30 pounds lighter and much healthier and happier. And you'll have learned a lot of secrets about how to get everything you want.

The goal of the child change program can be used to achieve any kind of goal you want to achieve. All you have to do is break the goal down to a small, manageable step. You must be surprised what you can achieve in all areas of your life.

You need to realize the importance of having written plans about your life. This is how well people take control and take care of their lives. Most people simply do not take time to organize their lives. They do not realize how important this is and they do not make it a priority in their lives. Big mistake!

Let me ask you a personal question … have you written plans for the rest of your life now? Certainly not. But when you decide to take the time to mapping what you want in life, writing, in all areas of your life, and formulating action steps, an immediate burden is removed from you. Why? Because for the first time in your life you really know what you want and the steps needed to get you there. Once you have written plans for the next months, 6 months, years, five years and ten years in the future, you feel so much better because you have now created your own personal roadmap and it increases your confidence to get everything you need want. You have shown how to get the best of your dreams for the first time and this is very powerful. You start thinking it's possible. This is a great feeling.

These plans must be stable over time and this is normal. But when you have this written overview of your future life, you make the necessary changes over time to clear the actions needed to speed up your journey. Your planning capacity grows over time and you will be planning for all areas of your life and nothing can prevent you from getting what you want because you have the necessary skills.

You learn organizational skills to use in your work, your family life and relationships, your health, fun time, and all other areas of life. When you decide that you want something you write a plan, add the child's actions and follow it and you know you're about to accomplish it. Written planning and goal setting is not glamorous, but it's one of the most powerful methods known to get what you want in life.

Successful people in all lifestyles are good organizers. They write a plan for everything they want. This ability is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to change their lives. And it's easy, powerful skills to learn and learn. You just have to choose to do it.


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