Danger, target settings can harm you

The goal can harm you. Yes, I know, goals are one of the sacred things that will not be criticized because the evidence is clear. to set goal ways to succeed. While it is true that targeting when done properly contributes to growth and success, there are also times when the goal can really harm you.

When you set goals correctly, it gets you focused, motivated and causes you to be better than your normal self. This is great for personal growth, and, as I said before, facilitates the goal of success in life.

What is the danger in the target setting?

The risk of goals is when you do not interrupt the process. Think of elite athletes for a while. They are incredibly focused and use targeting during the period. But when their season is over, they come back a little out of focus. This is a necessary time of rest and recovery. Because the goal can increase our performance so significantly, it also has the potential to burn out if we are not careful. We burn out when we are constantly called to stretch and grow without rest and recovery time.

When exercising in the gym, you apply stress to your muscles. The actual growth occurs after workout when the body has time to recover. Ask any talent and then you will tell you to work constantly without the time for recovery really to make you weaker. The password is "recovered". This stress test followed by rest and recovery is evident in many places of life. In fact, there is very little growth without stress-recovery cycles.

Since goal setting can start your time by calling you higher, you also need time because you're not right and trying to grow. I know this may sound strange, but usually people set goals and get out of trouble difficult for the first few months, they get tired and realize they can not handle this work forever. It is usually at this point that they all quit their goals.

If you want to have a stable year of goal setting, then break your year in trimesters. For each third, consisting of four months, do the first three months of time, with the targeted targeting and the fourth month, the time to adjust and pause. To give you an example, here's the way you could build the year starting in January.

Goal Setting Month =========== Rest Months

January, February, March, ========= April

May, June, July, ======== August

September, October, November ====== December

Following a cycle like this you will actually grow more than if you simply try to set the goals of the year without a break. Go ahead and commit to several goals in the next three months with the proposed break from goals in your fourth month. You will find this structure very stimulating and you will also see amazing growth as a result.


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