Goal to set for couples

Setting a paired goal can help you renew and enhance your relationship satisfaction. Stable water stagnates, water is fresh. The difference between standing water and running water is a movement. Setting and working goals helps you to connect with you when you work consciously and create the life you want.

When you set your pair of goals, you might want to consider these areas: spiritual, emotional, physical, family, social and spiritual. You can have goals for personal and pairs of economic growth, finance, vacation and many other issues. Your couple need to align both of your values ​​and they should be something that you can both get excited about working together to succeed.

Having a sense of purpose in life tends to increase your happiness. Creating and working on goals can increase this understanding of purpose. Make goals that can be achieved, but not too easy. You want to aim for something that will make you stretch. Remember to celebrate the little success along the way and celebrate to achieve your goal.

10 Steps to Achieve Your Goals:

1. Brainstorm ideas-at this point there is no judgment or poo pooing allowed. Write down all suggestions.

2. Talk about your ideas – view this as a way to get to know your spouse better. Spend the evening talking, change the inflation rate to judge or reduce curiosity.

3. Each of you selects the top three goals. If you have to overlap goals, great, you have a place to start. If you do not have an overriding goal, choose each of your goals from your partner from the top three goals to work as a couple.

4. Write either overlap goals or two options from another list of three boundaries. Remember to revise your goals often. You may want to send them somewhere and you will see them often.

5. Determine the first step that will move you towards achieving your goal and continue working on it. Remember few dark means to work together.

6. Choose time to settle together to evaluate your performance.

7. Decide the next step to take to accomplish your goal and do it.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you reach your goal.

9. Celebrate! Do not forget to enjoy the process.

10. Select new goals and repeat the process from step 1 (you could use your original mindset list or you could create a new list).

Achieving goals is great but remembering the cooperation process is as or more important than the results. The process of putting together and working together to achieve common goals will strengthen your relationship with each other and make your relationship to a living and happier place.


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