He loves you

"This love that was tired, hungry, tempted, afraid, clean, loaded, spit, crucified, piercing, fasting, bathing, teaching, healing, crying, sweating, bleeding, dying. This love will forever embrace you Richard Baxter, Psalmist, Forgiven Preacher

Here is something better than cold breeze on a fiery day, better than snowflakes on Christmas, better than your favorite friend, better than your birthday …

He [19659002] The King of Kings, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Center of All, Peacekeeper, Savior of the World, the Judean Lion, the Son of God, the General, our Highest High Priest, the Doctor, the author and perfect of our faith, the light of the world, the good shepherd, the Savior, our patron, the way the truth and the life.


Adores, has the greatest affection for being committed to being faithful, always there, believing, trusting, looking best, helping and laughing indulgent, gives everything he has forever, is always thinking of, pleasure in, sanctified, respectful, enjoys, passionate.


You, the unique combination that makes you who you are, your past, your sex, your future, your hopes and dreams, your mistakes, your mistakes, if you are and may have your courage, your courage your tears, your joy, good days and bad days, your strength, your fatigue, your destiny. He loves you.


Your love is soft as the evening rain.
Your love comes back to the ground.
Your love is the anchor of my soul,
And my highest goal,
is found in your love.

Your love always looks the best,
Your love puts my love on the exam.
Your love prunes these articles on the vine,
Turns my water into wine,
I am refined by your love.

Your beloved ones, these flames,
Your love is my heart one desire.
Your love asks me to fall for your feet,
So you and I can meet,
In the center of love.

Your love is my fortress and my shield,
Your love is the choir I give.
Your love is power and glory,
In the middle of this story,
I find in your love.

Claire Vorster, May 2001

May his love hold you today 🙂


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