How to get across dreading goal-setting

Have you ever been with an older person? Maybe a parent or a friend. They usually have amazing words of wisdom and some darn good advice. Beads of wisdom like "do not let fear stop you" or "life is too short — make what you like". It's simple advice, but unfortunately it only comes for most of us.

I know the feeling of being stuck and wanting more in my life – but not knowing what direction is going in or how to start. "To get started" is usually the most difficult part of changing something or getting something we want.

I consider myself a serious, practical person who tends to avoid risk. When I stutter a step in action, I recall this old saying: "When you're on your death ……." would you like you to have more options, be more selective about things in your life? Why do I stand in the background and "wish" and "hope" that certain things in my life will miracles be different "next year"?

Well, the truth is there are two important steps to accomplish what you want:

1. Knowing what you want and …

2. Have a plan for coordinated actions towards your goals.

Without these two factors, your life may be the same next year. The fact is that most people never allow to dream or change their lives. People rarely write down their goals (a strong clue that they are in fact), which often means they are lost forever. What a loss!

I sometimes send pictures of things I want to achieve. They remind me to spend more time in my garden … going to places I've never been … to take more risks, both personal and professional. Every year is a new adventure! But my dreams and goals do not just "happen" by themselves. Every year I list my dreams and decide if they are in line with my personal task and goals for my life. I write them down and put them in procedures

. Another way to motivate me and keep my goals in mind is to publish them on 3 x 5 indexes about my home. Yes, one in the bathroom mirror, one in the office wall and, of course, one in the refrigerator. This shows top goals. There is no list of "doing" involved in achieving them. It's an incentive to encourage me – and it works for me.

If you're stuck and wondering what the next step should be, grab a pencil and paper and answer some questions like this:

* What dream

* What are you up to a storm?

* Do you live for everyone else and think: "My time will come later?"

* Are you looking for something in your life but do not know what it's like? Are you afraid to mention it?

* Do you want to be different than every year is it the same old thing?

* What's different about your life today from last year?

* Are you happy with your decisions and what you have in your life?

When you have any answers to the above questions, make a "Brainstorm" of all your goals in these main categories. Try to have at least 10 items:

1. Personal Development

2. Career Development

3. Fun and Adventure

4. Give back to society or the world as a whole

Now there's a hard part! Choose only one top goal for each category and focus on it. Put a list of actions "to do" below each top mark. Set a timeline next to your goals, as Tony Robbins says, "Goals are dreams with timeline"!

Setting goals and dreams on paper will make them alive and mindful when you work in your daily life. However, nothing can be done for constant action and perseverance in achieving your goals. So ask yourself how to bring you closer to your goals. Even one simple operation every day – call or conversation – can move you towards your dream despite the devastating life you could live.

One thing is certain, if you do nothing, your life can be the same next year.

"Do not wait, time will never be" just. "Start where you stand and work with any tools you may have under your control and you will find better tools as you go." – Napoleon Hill, Writer


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