Increase Sales Training Question – Soothe Your 3Ps Virus

Every business day around the globe, thousands of sales representatives participate in the purchase / sales process. Yet many of these individuals who increase sales by sown themselves against the 3Ps virus. Do you suffer from this virus that ranks you from your goal to increase sales?

Before I share the 3Ps virus with you, think back to your latest business event. You are talking to someone new and listening to him or her.

  • Do you try to learn more about yourself?
  • Does this person say all about himself or herself?
  • Does this person immediately say about his products or services?

An exceptional and successful sales professional will display active listening skills and really want to know more about you and what you do.

A central sales reseller will listen to you, but might try to sneak into what he or she has to offer.

Insufficient sales representative will start telling you all about their products or services. This is the first P of the 3Pfs virus. Product or service. You will be for the product before a relationship is even established.

Then from the product spewing comes the second P: Price. Now you know how much cheaper this price is than everyone else.

Finally, the third P rears ugly head: Proposal. You hear now Let me send you a quick suggestion.

Of course, of course, does not indicate any business-related event or communication of all 3Ps on the surface. However, you will usually hear at least one for you as the potential customer wants to hear. And this is a fatal mistake many of the sales people continue to do – not knowing whether your individual is suspected, prospective, capable or even an impact center.

When you, as a salesman, understand your target market, have written marketing and sales plans and embrace a proven sales process that includes both marketing skills and sales ability, you have applied to the 3Ps virus. You will definitely have more success because you control the sales process.

The 3Ps virus is the direct result of poor planning, poor sales skills and no control over the sales process. Resellers who have been infected with this virus are mostly spraying and requesting their sales without rhyme or reasons.

If you want to improve your sales capabilities take time to stitch against this deadly virus that can literally cost you thousands of dollars in sales.


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