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Keeping a full customer training plan is great, but how do you raise your earnings when the program is full? There are only twenty-four hours in one day, so seeing more customers is not an option. Raising your price is an option, but it must be a way to increase revenue without significantly increasing your workload.

Creating training products is the answer. When you have a product available, you can earn more income with little ongoing work after the product has been developed. You can also reach many at a time rather than just one person at a time. There are several ways to create training information products so we can review two.


ECourse is a course that is delivered over time to an individual. It may be the same subject as separate reports, but it will be broken into logical items and delivered on the scheduled day, weekly or monthly. You can submit content with automated questions or through PDF. I like to deliver eCourses with automated respondents so when I set the course it's done forever.

Ecourses can be written words or may contain recording or videos. I usually write my verbal words by an autoresponder and I have a sound in my higher-value courses.

In general, environmental assessments are priced at around ten to fifteen dollars per share. Often eCourses are used as a bribe and are given by name and email address.


Books are very popular and cheaper to submit information. They are generally priced between ten and fifty dollars and are delivered with PDF. Books can be prized products at a minimum price or as an incentive for potential customer training to give you their contact information on the opt-in page.

You can easily create an eBook by combining some articles or special reports related to the same content. Writing articles should be a regular part of your marketing efforts, so you should have plenty of articles that you can bind for the eBook.

Books are usually under one hundred pages and are written in the ninth grade. Books include low entry barriers to getting people into your marketing campaign. The idea is when they read your eBook, that they want to get more information about your content and want to study at a sophisticated level.

You can bring people into your market by offering lower prices and then offering one-time or group training opportunities.


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