Online Life Training – Law of Equal Opportunities

Our beliefs are the most important creative tool we have. Without faith, no thought or feeling could be seen as reality. When we fail to believe what we are trying to accomplish, it does not work. It's so simple. The songs of attraction do not work with thoughts, no matter what you have read or heard. It can not. Thoughts are only beginning equation. The second part is a feeling. The thoughts along with emotions became very powerful. But the third and most important part of the equation of creation is faith. And so it is informed that the law of attraction is as follows:

Thoughts + Emotion + Faith = Reality

Now, most people are unaware of the attraction law, they create their own reality with a mixed bag of positive and negative emotions along with timely change your mind, or simply give up what they want to create. Once you decide what you want, do not stop creating it simply because you do not see it right away, because it rarely does. Patience and perseverance are also necessary to see your creation through the desired results.

Creative thinking is of course necessary to start an idea, but it's only the first step. The equation for thought in the equation is like a spark that ignites the fire. It's not the fire and it's not a fuel that burns the fire. It's just the first spark. Your feelings, whether positive or negative, are also necessary, but even thoughts along with emotions are not enough to create the reality you plan. Simulated equations in the equation are like the paper or the trigger you use to get the fire going. It's enough to increase the spark but certainly not enough to build a permanent fire.

The true power of intent must be completed with the belief that you can create what your heart desires. And this is the definitive element of the equation for the law of attraction. Faith is like a logo that you put on your fire to keep it burning bright. Throw some heavy logs on top of a burning kindling and see what happens. Now you have a burning fire!

All you can imagine is in the menu but the universe can only cook what you've ordered. This means that negative thinking along with negative emotions along with belief in these negative thoughts and feelings will be as powerful as showing positive reality as a positive equation. But of course, you must be unconsciously doing this. Unfortunately, most human beings do this now, both individually and collectively. The universe simply gives us what we are ordering. It all starts with thought. Then add feelings. Complete it with faith. And there you have your reality. Positive or Negative; the universe does not differ. But with understanding of the law, have a choice.


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