Strategic Training Tip – Make Your Mission Statements Tracking

Mission statements are necessary for a business strategy for policy making. Yet how many of these well crafted and sometimes very expensive are never properly implemented?

Can we dug for a moment? Mission comes from the Latin word missio and means sending. This is the word that represents action.

Now the essence of the project is taking action and thinking about the word that is specific to the old TV episode Mission Impossible . The opening area went a little bit: Mr. Phelps listened to a suicide-breaking tape that told him to ask for a final assignment, deadline and consequences if he failed. Pretty straight, right? He and his team had a clear understanding of success.

Even though you are not old enough to remember the TV series, there are numerous movies that talk about a project and in each case the outcome was clearly stated.

Now if you have a mission statement, does it clearly explain to the client what you want to succeed within a certain timeframe? Most task statements do not. Strategic Coaching Tip: Therefore, most strategic plans can not be implemented because they are not measurable.

When the mission statement is measurable by defying the desired results, all shareholders understand what is in business. Their actions are how. And the underwriting insurance is that measurable statements of credibility create expectations of responsibility.

Then the Commission can start asking this question: Are all employees & # 39; actions (behavior) in accordance with this organization achieve the current task? Responsibility is now part of the daily organization of culture and you are also building loyal customers.

The mission statement is no longer available. Everyone knows that the sales will be increased by 20% or the current Quality Score will be maintained or no customer will be lost next year. Strategic Coaching Tip: Many mission statements are in fact a viewpoint of disguise.

The Commission may have an internal project statement that is much more accurate. Then they can clear it by using percentage points for displaying marketing issues to attach the wall to the lobby and put them on the website.

However, those involved with special extension workers need to know the desired measurable profits that the agency wants to make in tones over the next 12 to 36 months. Strategic Coaching Tip: One year's plan is much better due to unbelievable rapid changes in the global market. This breaks the Commission back to the drawing board every year.

Finally, the Commission needs to convey progress towards the project. Strategic Training Tip: Proactive communication buildings internal customer loyalty.

If you really want an executable policy plan, make sure it's measurable. You will be truly surprised by taking such a simple action will begin to turn your organization into high quality culture.


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