The goal of formulating a formula – live the balance of life to achieve your goals

Many people are struggling to achieve their goals. Some people try very hard but fail to achieve their goals because they use the wrong methods. Most when they do not achieve their goals, they will surrender. They thought it was just too difficult for them to realize what they want in their lives.

Why do you find it hard and hard to grasp what you want in your life? Is not it getting what you want in your life is something pleasing? If you find stress and fatigue in achieving your goals, it is because you are not a balanced life in taking action. Taking too much action without rest and pleasure is not a good exercise.

You need to be balanced, just as you need long-term goals to balance your short-term goals and vice versa. It is the same in taking action. After taking a lot of action, take some time to relax, reward yourself by enjoying life a little. You do not want to focus on yourself and continue to take action all the time.

However, if you rest too much and take less action, you can punish yourself by taking action and getting more things. For example, you need to write 3 posts for your blog today, but because of the seductive TV episode you postpone and did not get your assignment. What you can do to punish you is that you can sleep late just to write 3 posts for your blog.

You can do the same if you have taken a lot of action. Perhaps you can reward yourself by watching TV or sleeping before. It's all about salary and punishment. If you want to live a balanced life, this is exactly what you should do. As soon as you use this technology, you're really training yourself to be more disciplined. You are telling yourself that you must get it before you can enjoy it. And every time you get something done or you've achieved a few small goals, you'll enjoy the prize.

Remember that if you live in a balanced life, you will never have any stress in your life and you will be a driving force in achieving your goals.


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