These choices to set the goal, say what I am

The benefit of goals involves the implementation of twelve spiritual powers. Attention to these can crop amazing results.

The first four – life, termination, orders and strength were taken in the previous article. The next four are discussed below. The first four are located in the genital organs and lower area of ​​the back and abdomen. They form the basis for the goals.

These four are located in the central part of the body. Wisdom is in solar plexus, love in heart, power in the root of the tongue and dedicated or propaganda is located in the backbone – the lower half of the brain – in an area called Medulla Oblongata.

Beginning With wisdom comes from God's thought. It knows, listen to it as it speaks to you. Never ask wisdom, just follow it. It knows the path that travels less. It will lead you to fulfill your goals.

This is "I am" of you. That's not a thought hug.

It gives us the ability to evaluate, analyze and apply what we know. It is a talent to trust the life process, knowing that everything is happening in perfect harmony.

Yet another of these amazing benefits of goals is love.

The Beatles said, "All You Need is Love" [19659002] If this is unconditional love, then it's true, that's really all you need.

Love is self-love. If you have it, you have love for everyone.

Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss"

It will always lead you to the place you've never been before.

When you love you, you have peace. 19659002] You'll feel like you're going, event feels effortless. Now, if it's not the only option to lose weight, we're losing it – it's just a great feeling and who does not want to feel good.

Feeling good and feeling good is always a great place to be.

Love is a great place to take your mind away – enjoy it!

Power is another of these powerful benefits of goals. We have the power to create our world.

Power comes from within. It's quiet, it's deep, it consumes and its presence disagrees. When the mind feels power, it has no questions, it only follows because it is mute and that's what Power does.

Anything else is value. With power there is no need to force a conclusion. The result is performed. Your job is to know it and expect the next one to be perfect.

The mind just wants what's best for you. Power gives it confidence.

Problem, WOW! This is interest. This reduces the mind, it sounds because it is also important to believe it or not the mind will feel good. The attack is like the pac man eats something along the way without even knowing it.

It's catching and that's why it catches your mind.

Continue to practice this advantage of goals. By watching them well, we will be surprised.

If you do not have an action plan, print one of these goals for goal goals and use this option to set the goal to experience dose increases in your performance.

This link to the action plan is a password-protected site, which provides instructions on how to access the template. The template is free. Enjoy!


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