Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Objectives

Learn how to set goals effectively is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life. Unfortunately, there is also one area that might be holding you back if you are not doing it right. Here are the top mistakes you need to avoid if you are serious about achieving important goals that you set for yourself.

1. Make your goal too big. Sometimes your magnificent goal may seem terrible. There may be many, many steps where you are now and where you want to finish and get there can seem impossible.

How to avoid this trap: Break your big goals into smaller, scary ones. Rather than setting goals like making millions of dollars a year, you might be better off targeting one hundred thousand dollars a year, when you get that goal you can set your goal higher.

2. Make your goal too small. This is a flip-side previous mistake. If your limits are too small, it will be too easy to stop taking action on them and you will interfere with other things and never reach your goals.

How to Avoid this Trap: Powerful goals are those stretching beyond your comfort zone. Make sure you're big enough to keep your interest long enough to accomplish it.

3. Make your goals too vague. If your goals are not determined, you will be in great time emphasizing the right measures to take. You may not even be able to figure out the next steps to take, because you do not know where you are going. This is like trying to find your way through a busy city while blindfolded – you never know which direction is turning.

How to avoid this trap: Do your goals as accurately as possible. The more information you know about your goal, the better.

4. Set collision goals. Many times you may have two or more goals that conflict with each other. For example, one of your goals could be to spend more time with your family, and another could be moving your career to the next level, which may require more time at work. Conditions like this usually cause you to fertile and do not achieve your goals.

How to Avoid this Trap: Look closely at each and every goal you want and get when you reach them. If any of them conflict with one another, you need to make decisions about what goals are more important to you, or try to balance your goals.

5. Do not set goals at all. It sounds crazy, but some talk about all these big goals they have, but they never set goals and work. And the reality is that it's impossible for you to reach the goal you're not aiming for.

How to avoid this trap: Set goals! In some estimates, only 3% of people actually list and write down. They are the ones who achieve their goals and change their lives. You can do it too. Be serious about what you want to achieve.

If you avoid these common mistakes when setting goals, you will be well on your way to something more important – to achieve your goals and then set bigger and bigger goals.


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