Turn your training match into training experience

It's much more fun than simply picking up the phone at a predetermined time and connecting with the customer in 30 minutes of chat! Old Axiomy "You Just Get Out Of It, What You Put It" Was Never More True Than For Your Training Time. The customer must receive the maximum price from the meeting, but the coach receives maximum fees.

If you want to facilitate the successful performance of the client's desired results, each of your training hours must be targeted, effective and targeted! If you want to charge maximum training fees, you're better off being ready to go to the supplementary line and turn the training course into training experience.

There are many factors that make up for the right course. Here are 10 thresholds that I consider necessary to create training experience!

  1. Preparation

Before I connect with customers, I always allow me 15 minutes to prepare just before the meeting. This is the time when I do all of the following:

  1. I review all the notes.

Every time I attend a training session, I receive detailed comments about everything that happens at the meeting. I'm always amazed at how many coaches rely on memory from time to time. If you do not comment, you are not a credible and professional trainer! Wings it's for the birds!

  1. I check my timeline.

Every training plan I prepare for clients is based on a 3 – 6 month timeline. I use this timeline to keep both the client and me responsible for achieving measurable progress towards the desired outcome.

  1. I read "Prep Sheet".

For all meetings, my clients submit a training plan where they write a brief overview of the progress they made since the last meeting and since they want to spend more time at the next meeting.

  1. I prepare a parliamentary agenda.

Based on the notes, timeline and song preparation, I create a simple schedule that I will use to keep the training component on time and on time. Now I'm ready to call!

  1. Keep Control

When you participate in training with your client, it is important that you are always in charge of the conversation! Although your customer can travel around places he wants to leave, you're the one who is driving a bus that will take them there!

This is especially true if you give you a free training training! The passenger has not even paid for the bus ticket, so do not let them catch the wheel! If they can run the bus themselves, why do they need you? Yet so many coaches allow their customers to "rob" the training track and take control of the meeting.

If you want to deliver a good training session, you need to be in control! How do you manage the board? By asking questions!

  1. Asker Question

Route the conversation by asking questions! These questions must be targeted and directed to the conclusion. Listen carefully to the customer's answers!

Ask more questions! Keep control! And then wait for "Climax Training"!

  1. Create a climb for training.

Coaching Climax is a mental ignition & # 39; which confirms and affirms the key points in training training. Certainly choose the word "Highlight" as a great imagery for the great impact she has in a training club. A skill trainer can meet many training meetings for clients during training.

If your client is not experiencing at least one training highlight for each 15 minute training, your training component does not meet strict training skills!

  1. Achieving milestone.

Safe-fire way to keep your customers interested and the right thing is to provide measurable achievements while and after each training component. Check the progress made by the client since the last meeting, pointing to recent recent & nbsp; milestones, achieving the A. & # 39; success formula & # 39; already created a string of & nbsp; ; miles are recorded along the way to achieve desired outcome.

  1. Hold on

If you do not focus on the desired outcome, the customer can start roaming in different directions. While you definitely do not want any opportunities for your clients to reach a training level, you must take care to avoid rare abnormalities from the meeting list. If you do, the meeting will not lose its goal and will be difficult to address in your notes in relation to the overall need.

  1. Set up the guarantor.

The "accounting factor" must be available through the meeting! As a coach, you must keep your customers responsible for their actions.

• Without responsibility, it can not be disciplined.

• Without discipline, it can not be a commitment.

• Without obligations can not be a success.

  1. View the meeting.

Before you set up your training component, you must make a quick oral recipe of what your client achieved during the call. This will reinvest the customer experience of value and investment that the customer does in you as a coach!

  1. Program.

Always hand over some homework that the client must complete at the next meeting. This could be to write new new content, drink less alcohol, start a new project for their homes or businesses, celebrate special occasions, etc.

  1. Follow the email.

To me, this is a chocolate on a cake & # 39; As a true professional, you must send short emails to your clients who acknowledge the training level that was created, the measurements achieved and the task to be completed at the next meeting!

Embed these 10 episodes into your training hours and discover how you can create a unique and valuable training experience for your customers!


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