Use of Confirmation

What is confirmation? One possible definition is a certain positive thinking that you create to respond to your current need or goal. We must continue to confirm confirmation until it becomes part of us and we believe we believe it.

How do we handle this process?

1. Each individual must decide what message they need to receive in the conscious mind.

2. Once the confirmation is determined, write it down 15 times, including your name as part of a confirmation, for example, "Karlynn is a similar person." Keep writing it out several times each day.

3. In addition to writing it on paper, place it on the mirror in your bathroom or on the refrigerator, if possible. That way you'll see it a few times a day, but at home.

4. When you're in the workplace, put it somewhere where you can see it and tell it quietly. Remember that you are reprogramming your brain.

5. Imagine your life as this confirmation will be realized. Close your eyes and show it several times a day.

6. It's best to only work with one confirmation at a time, decide which message you need to believe the most and go for it.

Sometimes you will see that the confirmation is part of you. It takes time and discipline. It has worked hard for me every time. So what are you losing?


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