"What do I want?" – Easy steps to set goals and indicators of preferences

"I hate my life." "I hate my job." "I hate _________." Have you ever thought and feel like this? Feeling trapped or choked by circumstances? I think we all have. Good news: You can change things. You are not a victim in this life. You have a choice. You can make the life you want.

Today's content is displayed. It's about getting into your reality what you want and increasing your happiness. We are not talking about hocus pocus or dreams of dreams. It's real. In my own life, I've found lots of things, a new body (I lost 75 pounds!), New friends, new career and new passion. You can too!

The most important part of the manifestation is to come up and know the answer to this question: "What do I want?" If you're like me, you're sure you can get a shade of "here I do not want …" That's not the question. What do you want? Emphasize the positive! What you focus on expands. When you emphasize what you do not want, you get more of what you do not want. Think about what you want. Determine what you want, inside and out, and make sure it's realistic, sensible, and fits your life. Here's how to create a well-formed goal or stop your mind or on paper.

So you think about what you want: say it in a positive way. The next step is to put the context. Be very special! Where do you want this goal when and what? Think about this too: Is it realistic? Can you achieve this? "I want to lose 40 pounds next Saturday." Not realistic! It reminds me of a stunning 8-ball message: "wish what you can." It must be physically possible. Maybe change it to 40 pounds in the next 8 months; it can be done.

Ask yourself: Is this something I can do with me, start myself? We only control our behavior, our feelings, we can not control others. "I want Mary Jane to fall in love with me." It is not a well-formed goal. What you can ask, instead, is to develop and enhance your own positive qualities that would attract someone like Mary Jane.

Think about the goal in a complete sense. How do you know you've got it? What will it look like? What do you think in the body? What do you hear? Odor? Taste? Get all the common sense!

Think about what you want could change your life and if there are positive changes for all aspects of your life. How will it affect your family and your friends, your health, your career, your spiritual faith, everything? How does it fit? You may want to introduce to your job, but what if it involves a lot more time to spend work and travel and less time for your family. How do you think about it? Is it worth what it will take to get it? Think about ecology, as it is called, as you define your outcome.

Okay, now you have an answer to "What do I want?" You have a positive, contextual, self-driving, sensory, ecological goal. You have finished more than half the battle! Now we are talking about what specifically you can do with this goal to bring it into your world as a reality. Here's a fun part.

We play "let's get lost!" Activate all the senses. Go to mind and imagine or imagine that you have already defined the goal. It's yours! What is your life now? What does it look like? How does it feel? How does it taste? What do you hear What's happening? Come in to the context you created. The most important thing is to attach a strong sense of pleasure to your goal. I like to play this James Brown song in my mind: "I feel good! I knew I would now!" Make sure you know, what you want is done. I throw some gratitude, as well.

Now, think about how you got there. Notice all the intermediate levels that you might have taken to achieve the goal and attach a great sense of desire to them. Feel the pleasure as you move closer to the goal, step by step, and feel the growing sense complete. Make this exercise into imagination very intense, fully flourishing, make it powerful! The better you can create a collaborative imagination here, the more emphasis your unconscious mind will be attached to achieving the goal.

Now let go and trust. And watch (in different amazement) as things happen to you. Your unconcious mind will look for opportunities, small things in your daily life that will move you towards your goal. When you notice these little positive nudges from the universe that happen, go with them! Take a flow, to achieve what you want.

In a written list of your goals or goals, you'll see it and spend time every day watching it. As you look at it, take the progress forward and reassure them! Be grateful. Every couple of weeks, rinse, rinse and repeat: Refresh your imagination and desire. You can change your goals at any time and make changes as you like when you're on.

Life is all about change. The change is good! The change is fun, especially when it's a positive change that you have well defined and desire for the most, and has been observed in your life. Go for it !!


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