13 quick ways to drop ten pounds for one week! You will not find this information anywhere else

So you want to lose ten pounds for one week. It's not hard to do if you know these eleven things. Here are 13 quick and easy ways to drop ten pounds in one week …

Change soft drinks with water – Drink only water for next week. Do not drink coffee or other soft drinks or alcohol.

Do not Leave Your Meals – Always keep your belly full. Eat healthy foods that will satisfy your baby models and fill your stomach at the same time.

Get a lot of sleep – Sleep for six to eight hours each night. The rest improves your metabolism.

Drink fruit juice – Drink 8oz glass of either apple, cranberries or grape juice three times a day.

Change snack – Instead of eating chips, eat apples or grapes.

Do not eat big meals – Eat 5-6 smaller meals each day instead of eating three big meals.

Dance – Go dancing with somebody for at least ten minutes each day.

Punch – Get a punching bag and punch it for thirty minutes each day. You will enjoy it.

Make a cardio for fifteen minutes – Run, ride or swim. It does not matter. Make sure you do one of these for fifteen minutes.

Make Fifty Hindu Squats – Start a hat like a duck. Make sure you can make fifty hindúdu dolls consistently.

Make fifty pushups – Lower your chest and get back up. Continue to go down and come up for at least fifty times.

Jump – Skip while listening to your favorite music or while watching TV. Make sure you do it for ten minutes each day.

Stay away from bad foods – Do not eat hamburgers, pizzas or fried foods for at least one week.

Verifications – Make a few good confirmations for you and continue to say it next week.


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