Give yourself a license to succeed

I recently called someone who asked me for spiritual guidance. She was "stuck" in her life, unable to create a success she really wants to experience.

We discussed how most of us are more afraid to succeed than failure.

Do you know?

Most people are more afraid to succeed than failure because there are consequences and consequences for creating success and wealth that scares us so much that we damage our own success.

Is not that interesting?

I made certain confirmations for her to write and repeat and talk about some things she can do to create what she wants in her life.

Then everyone's inspiration came to me and I told her …

"You need to give yourself a license to succeed."

And then I also told her that "I give you permission to succeed."

It both made us laugh, but it helped. If there are those in your life that have not given you permission to succeed, you can give yourself permission.

How many people do not feel allowed to succeed?

How many of us amuse our own success because we do not understand?

Who told us that?

Where did we learn?

Could there be thousands of times we were told "no" as children and into our adults.

Could it be all employers who pay us what they thought we were worth and convinced that we can not do it better?

I realized that I told my clients to give myself a license to succeed, that I could also give me all the licenses to be successful.

Daily confirmation: "I'm giving me a license to succeed now."

The question of my client was also a gift to ME. So I am now adding this confirmation to your daily verification list.

Repeat this confirmation 400 times a day and see what happens. Yes, 400 times is what Mark Victor Hansen points out. So I say to follow and repeat what works. If you want to succeed, do whatever you choose. Mark Victor Hansen has been successful.

I give permission for success.

I give permission for success.

I give permission for success.

Only 397 after leaving …


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