Manifesting Million Dollar Your Idea With Attraction Attraction (Part 2)

Now, before we begin the second step to attract the million dollar idea with a law of attraction, do not continue reading until you have done the self-test as mentioned in the first part of the article.

If you have done that, you are now ready to proceed to the next step and technique that is going to mind you with positive thoughts to make the law of attraction work.

Step 2: Utilize the Power of Positive Confirmation

I am going to introduce you to the technology of positive affirmation. If you hear confirmation for the first time, authentication statements are used in a positive modern language to serve as a communication between you and your subconscious mind.

Here are some examples of confirmation of money.

earnings are steadily increasing

o Great me

o I'm a pencil magnet and success has grown on me

o New opportunity to increase my income open to me now

How to make a confirmation?

Close your eyes and repeat out loud, "I'm going to think of my million dollars to introduce myself now. My million dollar idea is here and now and I want to show it." Now listen to the silence, focusing on what you just said. Every few seconds when you begin to feel your mind, repeat the process – say it aloud again, listen and find the energy of the words as they reverberate by being. Continue this for as long as you can and then become aware of your breath for ten breaths. Then you can get up and go about your life.

Confirmations work only when enough is being rebuilt. Money confirmations are not getting rich schemes. Do not expect to see a breeze lying in front of you after a week's confirmation. Consciousness does not work this way, but if you definitely want money and wealth and with constant repetition of money confirmations, the subconscious will quietly offer you a plan that will help you achieve it.

So believing in repeating your money confirmation and with enough self-determination and immense action, you'll get those wins when you expected at least.


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