Network Marketing Training – Beware!

Here you are a newbie in the jungle called Network Marketing. At the moment, you probably bought some kind of marketing program to jump to start fledgling Internet Marketing Business. You will soon find that navigating through this jungle takes more than a handy GPS unit!

When you check out all the instructions on reading and reading a variety of PDF training documents, if you're something like me, you'll get tons of questions. Teaching videos and training documents are very valuable, but they do not teach little intricacies or shortcuts you need to learn to succeed in this business.

It is where the consultant's coach / mentor comes in. Of course, being a newbie, make it better or worse to assume that if the program you purchased tells you that they have an "expert" coach available for the price you believe them. Slow down, below are some key questions to ask what perspective you have before you earn hard earn your money:

  • Depending on what type of marketing you are trying to sell or advertise, how much much try if any coach has in your special medium?
  • If you try to find products or products using the most popular Google Pay Per Click advertising plan, does this coach have a PPC research experience in your particular medium?
  • Ask your particular company if they have any kind of refund available if you are not satisfied with the trainees they assign to you?

I have hired two coaches to help me develop an Internet Marketing Business. The first and still with me have done a great job helping me develop the first system for my business. Another coach and the main reason for this article has basically run me in laps in recent months with absolutely no progress made!

Just because a particular company promises you that their coaches are professionals and worth the money, take care! The majority of these companies charge charges of $ 200 a hour for their coach. If you think you are not getting great value from your coach, take appropriate steps to replace them …. remember that your money makes sense!


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