Confirmations to Success – I Wake Up Productively

Use Confirmation to Be Successful – I Wake Up Productively to Improve Your Life

Are you surprised by your period? Do you think you never get the time you want to focus on your passion in life? Do you think your energy level is so low in the evening that you can not understand?

Find out how one simple life change can be the first step to solving these issues

In recent weeks, I have the priority to wake up. For me, this has two meanings. First, it is literal, awake constructive. I have set myself the goal to wake up at 4.30 in the morning. I know it sounds a bit extreme – I had to say to myself: "It's worth it … worth it" lots of time to get your head on the idea. But I think the benefits really work, the little brain freezes the thought.

What are the benefits of waking up early?

I have yet to show proven health benefits (excluding additional training time!), But I think the emotional and mental benefits of one are selling it.

Your morning habits …

Imagine the average when you get up at 7.00 or 7.30 to stay out of the house at 9.00. I'm very lucky I do not have a commute, but if you do, it could easily dry out for an hour. This would mean you have between 30 minutes and an hour to get ready and get going.

So you must fit all your breakfast rules within a short period of time. I just have to finish and it's hard enough. The idea of ​​improving the children literally makes the head hurt.

What did you do when you come up?

Stagger down for breakfast, knowing you do not have much time. Maybe do some lunch for the day ahead. Perhaps you need to get other people ready before you can lean the shower. There must be 30 minutes passed already. You will then have to dress and / or maybe get another dressed.

Maybe you'd try to grab read the magazine or TV before going out of the house. Do you have a job that you need to double before you leave the house? Do you have anything else you need to finish? Have you had to organize other people?

Guaranteed as you are on a tight time frame and have no patience for little screws that ever happen. You can not find your keys, your little one does not want to go to school, you forgot to get gasoline last night. You've gone out of milk. Any little time bombs, what "unnecessary conversation" puts you in schedule.

So finally you're on your way. You are not in the best mood and you are little stressed to be honest. You only have enough time to get where you need to be but no longer. That means no time for jams, malicious drivers, unscheduled stops or forgotten things. You get hurt, at the edge and are ill willing to cope with more difficult aspects of the day – like annoying workforce or demanding calls.

Okay … this might be the worst case, but we've all had these days. For many of us this type of "fly on the edge of your pants" is actually normal and every day.

Here are some reasons why this might not be the best way to approach your morning: [19659017] You do not have time to target yourself, which puts you at risk of being sued in general negative thinking and also in the negative behavioral behavior of others.

  • It's illegal, by the time you had time to be good at your body, which means I give it a lot of fuel, eat it in a quiet and quiet way, in addition to some practice.
  • You have been illegally having had time to relate to your family. a bit or denial if they tried to communicate with you. Either way you probably did not exist with them, you were more likely to think about the next step in the day gu your life.
  • You're stressed. If you start to focus on your day, it's unlikely you'll be less stressed when the day takes place.
  • You do not have time for yourself. Even if you've been able to read the magazine or watch TV, it may have been a few minutes. You do not have time to think about what you want from the day, to work on any personal growth or to participate in relaxing activities such as playing music or sport.
  • The usual as described above is the default life. By that I mean that it lives without awareness of consciousness and is derived from external circumstances / pressures. As when you wake up stressed, it's illegal that if you start your day by default, you'll click out of it. The more likely you are to work on an autopilot and then get home and go out to watch TV.
  • All of these reasons are unlikely to apply to you. To me, numbers 1, 5 and 6 were my main starting point for early. I realized that I was not very worried in the morning, but I was also not focused and aware of what I wanted that day (no). This meant that I went to a standard life (No. 6) and would get home from work done and read a trashy novel or go online. The result of this was that my passions in life passed by (No. 5). I had very little time for personal growth. I was not eating healthy and could not see an exercise tonight. So I decided to stop this set of conditions and start waking up earlier in the morning!

    What do you do with your additional time this morning?

    The next part of this was very influenced by the ideas of a boy called Eben Pagen. He is convinced that it's not just about going up earlier. It's also about having a positive breakfast court, which it calls "the success of religion". He makes some suggestions I suggested to suit my circumstances. Now I wake up at 5.30, but I'm crawling up at 4.30!

    So here are some things I always do in the morning:

    1. Get up and drink at least half a liter of water. This has to be done immediately for something else. You have already dried from sleep and you need this to heat your body.
    2. Shower, wash your face, clean your teeth. You will feel 10 times more person after that!
    3. I'm quick to walk, I think this cleans my mind. I walk with my dog, or maybe just touch the shop. I often do a great exercise called "Would not be good if …" while I'm doing this. It's from Abraham Hicks and you just think about all the wonderful things you want to experience.
    4. I'm swimming. I'm not a huge exercise coach, but I'm so lucky to live by the beach and have started to enjoy the swimming. I slowly build up the amount I swim every day so it does not start to be something I fear. I also try to enjoy the process, emphasizing how well it is to swim.
    5. I wore and knew I got everything I needed to finish for work. If I have to do it nicely, I'll do it now.
    6. I ponder for 15 minutes. I think this cleans my mind and allows me to focus on what I want to achieve that day.
    7. I have an independent reading. This could range from intellectual, spiritual and financial growth. I just let me know what I'm up to.
    8. Finally, I'm studying Spanish at the moment, so I always try to keep up with this tomorrow.

    It's very important to give you about 15 minutes before going out of the house to relax and think about the day ahead. Almost get your mind back in the area! This is just my habit, the only thing I would probably suggest is drinking water and getting a little workout.

    Develop your own habits according to your needs, desires and circumstances!

    Part 2 of Producing Productive

    Well, we've pretty much thought about another term within the term, "awake productive" but it's so important that I just wanted to say it again. As I said, waking up productive can have two meanings. First, the idea is to wake up physically from sleep and give you time to do what you want. To wake up and find the center, quiet and ready to cope with the day. The meaning is literal to wake up to productivity.

    Productivity is a word that often comes with a lot of luggage. I'm sure I'm not alone in using productivity or perceiving a lack of it in my life that sticks to strike me up with. I think something we use as a reason, excuse or result to feel bad about ourselves is something we should avoid.

    I read very great articles by storing Jonathan Mead on different productivity strategies and he got a good checklist. Rather than review productivity as an abstract item or as much as you get in one day, set your business through this filter:

    1. Is it fulfilling. This will make sure that you do not get what is being done for the sake of their trap. Also, you are more likely to make things that you feel very passionate about. Make sure your activities give you the feeling of happiness while fulfilling you.
    2. Make a value. Ask yourself what you are doing is creating value. This could be for yourself, your family, your community, the world, your employer and so on. Make sure what you're doing adds something and worth it
    3. Follow your natural pace. Listen to yourself. If functionality really makes you feel good, stop doing, or at least approach it again. For example, if you set yourself the day to jog for 3 miles and instead of feeling well and energy you feel terrible, look at it again. Perhaps another exercise would be better, or maybe cut it down to 1.5 miles at first. Always make what makes you feel good.

    So, I hope this would be useful and you feel inspired by positive activity. Using Confirmation to Success I wake up on productive, you can enjoy every moment every day with fresh, waking eyes!


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