Power Affirmations – "I'm an Independent Thinker"

Here are some new sources that you might find helpful:

"I'm an independent thinker. I study many perspectives and choose the ideas that make the most sense of personal circumstances."

The greatest mind in history asked the status of the quota of their time. They learned many views and then created the synthesis of new thoughts and ideas. When it comes to your life, think about yourself. Take control of your own mind. If you do not think yourself, then lots of other people are ready and ready to make your thoughts for you.

"I am now carefully studying and applying the proven principles of wealth and personal finance."

If you want to build and create wealth, you need to do it for research. And you do not have to start from scratch. There are proven principles of empowerment described in many books. And do not just limit your study to the most popular books you find in regular bookstores. Find out more academic subjects you might find in a university bookstore. Do not just take a popular (and expensive) course, review course.

"I use long-term money for me and for others."

Be patient. Do not pursue "rich quick" strategies. Building wealth can happen quickly, but it still takes time. Money is meant for use, not just lying in bank account. Use current resources to create long-term benefits. Use your money to help create benefits for others like yourself. When you help others, you also help.


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