Verifications against self-esteem

We live all life. We've heard people say – "Trust is important to success in life." But is it really trust that helps us in our work? Indeed, we could be confused between the word "self-confidence" and "# 39" ; and confirmation.

Let us take an example,

"I'm well."

This shows more authentication than self-confidence. Confirmation can be defined as the overall characteristic of individual characters / attributes with their own mind. In other words, confirmation is what we have said to ourselves in our subconscious mind. It may be positive or it might be negative.

Consider a man,

"I can never investigate this topic."

Such kind of negative affirmation makes a man to lead such a troubled life.

Confirmations have a major impact on our daily lives and our lives as a whole. What we say or s

Ways to Conduct Deliberate Confirmation:
1. Confirmation by Writing
2. Abolition by Numbering
3. Discontinuation by Meditation

] Confirmation by writing:

Take a sheet and write all that you want to confirm. Read as if you were actually experiencing them. Do it daily until you reach what you confirm. If necessary, repeat this 10 times or 20 times until you begin to feel that you are the one you confirm.

Repeat Repeat:

Tell yourself what you want to confirm. Repeat it daily until you reach it. Patience is very important to success. You will be patient to wait until you get what you confirm.

Repeat positive confirmation like:
"I'm very good at learning".

"I'm happy at work".

Such statements are confirmation.

Meditation Confirmation:

Take a quiet and peaceful place where you feel that you must be disturbed by the environment. Sit and think you're what you confirm. Confirm yourself a hundred times a day. Spend at least 5 minutes a day to do this. You will soon notice the change.


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