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Training in many countries is still viewed with suspicion by many. Understanding this counseling, psychology and teaching is training.
Although there are aspects of training and guidance that might match these jobs, there are differences.

Some Myths about Training

o The role of teacher and coach is to fix & # 39; a person so that he / she can come true & # 39;.
o Training provides quick fix & # 39; to correct inequalities at work.
o The purpose of training is to do the coach a little bit.
o Training is easy, just show the man how to do the job.
o Training is human resources.
o Trainers and trainers are born.
o Anyone can be a coach or a coach.
o Instructions and training are the same.
o Mentors and coaches are perfect people and make great models.
o Guidelines and training are new rumors.

What is life training?

"Life training is a series of processes and various methods that can be applied under current conditions to create a happier and more adequate way of being."
[Teach yourself Life Coach. Jeff Archer].

Everyday, each of us goes through a few actions and thoughts that are part of a life-training process. However, we do this without realizing it. The majority of the time, if we continue with a promise, we violate this promise and return to our old inactive or insecure self. We do all this, so do not feel different.

You may be different. You can lose these extra kilograms, build your confidence, deal with relationship problems more efficiently, gain access to loss or handle conflicts, know what you want from life, have more fun, to be more effective at work or simply to say "NO."

You may just be looking at different issues, or you might want something more specific in life.

Lifelong Learning can focus on specific items of your life that you want Life Orientation is an ongoing relationship where you learn and your coach learns to take action and responsibility.

How is life training performed?

The initial meeting would be between you and probably coach. During this meeting, your requirements will be reviewed and discussed immediately. ie if you want to own communication once a month, once a week or twice a week. How do you want to send face to face via phone or email chat. If you're going to meet face to face where you meet.

It is important to realize from the beginning that you are responsible. If you're not happy with a coach, you do not have to use him / her. If you're not happy with the question, you have to say that. You put a program right at the start of the relationship. Costs may vary from coach to coach. But this is a contract that is initially created to pack your pocket.


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