Enneagram for Management Training

Enneagrams are not new, they have been built in generations – hundreds of years of experiments and observations have given us this system. It's not just a way to test your own personality, it helps you identify their core patterns. By using the results of such analysis, you can encourage the people concerned and change their behavior if necessary.

If you are a coach no matter what a coach: Sports coach, manager coach or just about any coach; you need to know how to make changes to people. However, it's not easy to introduce a change to someone – it's a human nature! However, using Enneagram Workshops you could introduce changes and types of changes that would work and the pattern of changes you need to inculcate within a person for them to last for a longer period of time.

Another important factor that you need to consider when it comes to executive training is the fact that the methods you use on one customer in a particular situation will have different results than when you apply the same to another customer in a similar situation.

Enneagram Workshop would help you diagnose such changes and hence the weather aware of all possible results. The better you understand the psychology of personality, the easier it is to manage it and prevent a positive change – one that is permanent and works for the benefit of your client.

Human nature study could be investigated either through psychology, which basically helps you determine the negative aspects of a human being. Enneagram Workshops, however, would help you determine both positive levels of individuals and negative results.

Executive Training does not include focusing on the negative side one; In addition, you are more likely to strengthen positive hits in an individual. Therefore, the use of psychology in training is almost negligible; But what you learn through Enneagram workshops would be very useful when it comes to calculating which person is talented – it's your duty to strengthen this feature and build trust within the individual, that's what executive coaches are meant for.

Once you've learned Enneagram technology, you should be able to change both individual behavior and encourage them to maintain those changes and add all their other skills at the same time. Very often, we tend to train customers who have a double personality with these methods; you could change them for the better. It's often a negative feature to have a double personality and it's best that it's done away with.


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