How to put positive confirmation to help you achieve your goals

Positive confirmation is a tried and tested method to help you stay positive and achieve your goals. If you continue to tell yourself, you can do something, then you can begin to believe it and will start to accomplish it. In this article, we offer you five tips to help you confirm your positive confirmation.

  • Step 1: Think about all your good qualities. It's often easy to think of all of our bad features. Sometimes it looks, this is all we think of. However, there is a lot of benefits that can be gained from thinking about your good qualities. Take a piece of paper and pen and think about all your good qualities. Are you good? Maybe you are generous? Perhaps you are very well or very fit and well. Whatever it is to write it down on a sheet and then change it into a modern statement. For example, I'm a generous man. This will help keep you thinking positive and help you realize what your unique and talented personality is. In addition, think about everything you've achieved and write it down too.
  • Step 2: Think about your negative thoughts. To use positive confirmation effectively, you need to know what negative thoughts you want to combat. Make a list of negative thoughts you have on the page. Allow space beside each, so you can write down positive confirmation to change this negative thought.
  • Step 3: Find out who are the most important negative thoughts you want to edit. If you are like most of us, you must have a considerable list of negative thoughts (do not worry about this is normal!). However, not all of these thoughts are equal. Work out what negative thoughts are most likely to keep you from achieving your goals and focus on writing positive affirmations for this (starting with two or three).
  • Step 4 : Write positive confirmation: Now it's an entertaining role, writing your confirmation. Make them short and clear, as well as being positive. For example, it may be that I can lose 5kg before 31st of December 2012. The more accurate and positive the better.
  • Step 5: Review your confirmations and good qualities daily. Step five is an easy part! Now you have written all your good qualities and positive confirmation, all you have to do is keep referring to them every day to help you worry. Simple.

Do not expect things to work from day one. It may take some time to overcome all negative thoughts and start believing positive ones. The key is to repeat positive confirmation every day until they become part of your thinking. Once you have faith in yourself and believe that you will succeed, you can easily achieve your goals.


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