Learn the Black Art of Soccer Training Strategy

Do you want to study the black list of football training programs that the benefits do not show? In this article, I will give you some necessary tips on how to imitate the top level of Elite World Cup coaches.

Indeed, the title is a little wrong. Support for soccer (or football) is not really a black art – it just looks like them. It's more like science you usually learn through experience but fortunately there are many good books out there that I want to share with you.

A good way for you to watch a strategy is to focus on each game, one at a time. What I'm going to tell you is a good general approach, but over time you can tweak it so it works best for you and your team.

Before the game you have a group and selection of the first team. You need to look at your opposition and decide how you will beat them. Try to figure out their formation for the game because it may affect your own choice. For example, if they only play three defenders on the backside and one of them is poor then you might want to play with a tall man who can push the ball down to other offenders. Or you just want to play your own way with what you think is the best of your movie.

You can either choose the form to match your best players or you can choose the formation and choose the best players to match. Different managers have different views on this particular aspect of football policy.

Once you have chosen your first team, you need to choose a few preparations to make up the team. Of course, you need one goalkeeper, but then you have to decide who else will be in the class. It depends on how many you want, but in any case, I would choose very versatile players and achieve a good balance between attacks and defenses. So, for example, attacking midfields who can play as goalkeeper or wings are good and so are the wartime rulers.

If all goes well you should work well. You may need to make changes to the game though. Without the formation and choice of players is a real disaster, I never recommend touching the team until half an hour. If that's a bad problem, make one change at half time. Then you have to give time to load so do not make other changes until 65 and 70 minutes. This makes sense for the great thing to come forward and change the game. Finally, if you have a managerial leader and do not use many things, use them after 80 minutes to waste time and annoy opposition.

You can repeat this process in all the games you play and through your experience, tweak it for your own needs – remember that each team and coach and situation is different so you need to be ready for it.


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