Positive confirmation for resource attraction

While not everyone would agree that money makes you happy I think that the vast majority of people would agree that it could truly make you happy in some way or another. It could be to have excess money to donate for charity or it could mean buying the latest car on the market. Either way there is money that allows you to have this experience and it's money that a lot of western world lives for at least.

So how can you get more of it? If it's all around us then why is it so hard to get in our wallet. One reason may be that an attitude that is not in line with money. You can not have a lot of money if you do not play the money rules. And the rules of money are such that you must first love it, believe you can get it, believe you understand it and believe that you can get it. If you are ripping on any of these beliefs, it should not be surprising that you are not doing quite so well for the money.

The reasons you think these opinions are many and vary from man to person, and we do not need to go into them here. What we will do is examine how you can change these old views and replace them with some attitudes that help bring money into your life. The method we are going to look at is to use positive confirmation of wealth attraction.

Now positive confirmation is short sentences or sentences that should repeat yourself, with conviction, passion, and the belief that they are true. Doing it daily as part of your habits, sometimes when you are washing or doing hair or improving this morning will make sure you do not forget to tell them. Yes, it may seem silly at first, yes you can not agree with them but ask yourself this, how bad do you want to change? If you want it enough, try and believe it.

Here are some good confirmations about the attraction you might start: I deserve to be rich, I'm making money, money flows to me, I'm enjoying money, I'm rich, I'm a cashier. Saying phrases like this can at first feel very silly and weird and probably uneasy as you know them not to be true.

The two things you need to do are keep telling them until you can believe that they are true to you with only pure repetition and faith or two options, use gratitude to begin with. In other words, thank you for what you have received, such as: I'm grateful for regular salary, fortunately I have a reliable income, money is nice to have, money is good.

Saying these types of sentences is much easier because they are already true. Now, the taste is gradually falling into some other types of confirmation for wealth that was a little harder to believe. Continue to drop them there, more and more every day until you can finally tell them in a comfortable and safe way.

Remember that it's more than enough for everyone, if you choose to do money and wealth then you can get it.


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