Self Help – When and How to Use Verification

Using verification can be one way to assist you in having positive self-esteem. Confirmation is the ceremony that confirms by writing, speaking loudly or quietly to yourself what is what you want to accomplish and have appeared in your life. Mohammed Ali (boxer) was known for his confirmation: "I am the greatest." Some examples of positive affirmations you can do to assist in the growth of your self-esteem are:

  • I'm brave and critical.
  • I'm enthusiastic and energetic.
  • I'm happy and honest.
  • I love and love.
  • I am worthy of consent and love.
  • I can handle everything that prevents me.
  • I am well and prosperous.
  • I'm well and well.
  • I describe the best things life has to offer.
  • I am enlightened and wise.
  • I'm a positive thinking person.
  • I love to eat and drink only what's good for my body and mind.
  • I'm confident.

It is not recommended that you only use confirmation as a means of obtaining a positive identity. Of course, it would take a long time to confirm confirmation to prevent the change you need. Confirmation, however, is a great way to consolidate positive changes that you have already decided to do differently. They will also provide you with additional fuel to achieve your goals when you can confirm your confirmation with both your heart and a sense.

However, verifications will not work because you do not believe what you confirm for yourself.

For example, you have periodically confirmed: "I'm comfortable and well." However, when you look into the mirror, your eyes clearly say that this is not the case. Use of the confirmation in this situation:

  • Unconsciously sends the message that the self-awareness is fine; and
  • Do not support your unconscious desire to become fitting and healthy every time you see yourself, say, "No, I'm not."

Efficient confirmation in this situation would have to say to yourself: "I'm getting well and healthy every day." At the same time, you should also take steps to make sure you are getting fitter and healthy.

Since there are big differences between where you are and where you are heading, it is suggested that you change your slow confirmation.

For example, you want to clear your credit card loan and have enough money to ensure you have a comfortable retirement. You start by confirming: "I agree that I am currently undergoing a self-funded retirement pension." You change slowly on confirmation words or two at once over weeks until you confirm: "I am liable for self-funded retirement."

Other Tips to Use Verification

  • Keep it Short
  • It Helps If You Can Tell Them
  • Make sure they cover all the items you want truly confirm


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