The best way to introduce your Tennis Training Company

If you are a tennis coach and are looking to start or grow with your private therapist, this article is for you.

You may have struggled to find new students at this time.

If so.

The best way to enhance your personal training program is through video marketing!

By the way.

I hope you've already got your entire store for Christmas.

I'm going out today to finish me.

Okay, let's move on to the information …

As I said.

This tip is for coaches who have started a private education company and are looking to introduce it in a simple and easy way.

What I think is YuoTube.

Using video is and can be the best way to introduce your training company.

Here's what I mean.

You can use it for stories and this also gives you a great backlink for search engines.

When people search for tennis lessons, your videos will be on the first page.

That will lead you a lot of ways.

"Allow the student to give you a video testimony this week and send them to YouTube and make sure you link your number and URL to the videos."

I know this should be giving, but …

Many do not train or forget to do this when they submit their videos!

The way to use a video is with … "Shows your lessons".

Thus, the future prospect can see you in action before the court and get a feel for your classroom.

It's like having 24/7 information about your business and the best of it for free.

Can not beat it !!

Can you?

The last way to use video is left …

Give a free online review.

Use some kind of auto-responding, like MailChimp, and set up a free e-channel to get features in your funnel.


At the end of the course, offer a free sample lesson!

This is actually the best to use because when you introduce your business this way, you sell them.

"So when you give them a sample lesson, they are willing to attend your school."


You can tweak these 3 ideas as you like or use them all at the same time.

But the botany is this.

"Using videos is the best way to market your personal training program and have your videos introduce your training program to you."

And when you do it right, you'll see your training company grow faster than you can believe.

I wish you happy Christmas and a happy new year!

Have a great 2018!


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