Training An An Incorrect Manager

In another article we investigated circumstances where the participant was getting a much better 360 degree response from the boss than from direct reports. The man was good at managing, but not so good at controlling. The coach helped her concentrate on her relationship with those who announced her.

This time, different scenarios. Consider how a trainer works with someone who appreciates him / her higher than anyone else did. This is less problem with style than with self-awareness.

Coach: Do you see any pattern in your 360 report?

Terry: Well, I'm a bit upset that nobody else rated me as high as I did.

Coaches: I noticed that too. What do you do?

Terry: Nobody seems to know how well I perform, and that's bad. My boss can not give me a good performance.

Coach: Sounds like you have reason to worry. How do you feel this situation?

Terry: Most of the time I'm in my office and they do not see how hard I work.

Coach: Does it mean that you should get out of the office more? Talk to the people around you so you understand what you do?

Terry: Maybe. But do you really think they are right?

Coach: There is no way I can see. But I notice that nobody is saying you're bad at work. It's just that they are pretty consistent giving you a little lower than you do. In such cases, I always ask if it's possible that if you're a hard worker, you're not really as effective as you think.

Terry: Do you mean I'm too much of my success?

Coach: Well, why do not we look at a specific question.

Terry: All right. Since it says "Communicate well orally," I gave myself 9 out of 10. Everyone else gave me 6 or 7.

Coach: What do you say?

Terry: I think when I think I'm well connected, I could not.

Coach: Probably likely. How could you see it in everyday life?

Terry: By asking them?

Coach: Yes. Could you ask, "Does that make sense for you?"

Terry: I think so. I've never thought about it …

It's really possible that Terry alone would never have been aware of the self-assessment report.

It took the coach's support for 360 surfacing that could be an important part of Terry's self-development.


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