University instruction

Do you train university education?

Because if you do, you want to read this article.

I would like to talk about university tennis and the problems that I see happening now.

Many college tennis players will not play professional tennis, and it should not be their goal to go to college.

The goal is to achieve their full potential as a player.

I have watched a video of games and games at universities and asked a few Japanese players who played in the United States.

My next step is to go to college in the US and get more views, what's up and then I can make some suggestions for them.

But now there are some things I can address in this post.

And I hope you will share them.

They are.

College coaches need to make sure that the system they have in place helps them achieve their full potential.

That's all that matters.

"If not, review your system today or create better for next season."

It's a good idea to keep updating what you have now.

Colombian coaches need to step up their training team so we can get more of these children ready for the trip if they have the game to go far.

Talking about who.

Players should leave early, but only if they are mentally willing!

"The level is so different and stronger, but all players dominating their opponents or the league are playing in, can go after 2 or 3 years and take their game on the trip."

Another problem is,

I wish the coaches would understand it.

They are not trained in tennis at this stage of their career.

What they are really training is a mental game.

And most people have no idea how to train it, but they are full of oneself.

I seriously look at these guys and hear many of them talk about social media.

So, this is something I know about first hand.

All these guys need to start learning the spiritual game more, even becoming a student in training and learning to learn to train him.

And they should do this before they do something else in their career.

They owe it to their players, school and the game itself.

Let it be for now, are we?

Bottom line,

They have to skip their EGOS and start concentrating on getting results !!


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