Warning of Positive Thinking

In the last decade, the biggest policy of pop psychology has been the positive thought, along with little effort, to get you everything you always want out of life. Many who subscribe to these philosophers (readers of books like "The Secret" and "Law of Attraction") believe that success and success in their lives can be simply by wanting whatever they want into existence.

Step 1: Think Positive
Step 2: Imagine What You Want
Step 3: Keep the picture clear and clear in your mind
Step 4: Wait?
Step 5: Wealth!

What a good idea – if only that was easy!

Perhaps what people feel most convincing about these views is that they need such a small job but praise it so much awards. It's sad to think about what has to go through someone in mind before they're leading to believing that way. But let me tell you now, as a former positive thinker, performance is not as easy as these "experts" do. Most not only seriously over exaggerated thinking but end up leading their consumers into a disastrous way into the bizzaro world.

Another common celebrity of new age, the puppet of society, is that you have the power to "create your own reality." I believe in this quantity but different from usual. Usually people are impressed by the idea that their mind is the world. For thought, this view is known as the thought or belief that no world exists, just your interior. I sometimes wonder why these people interfere with leaving their house. If our thoughts were so powerful, why not close your eyes and fully reflect the world you want to live in – and you can just be there, right? You could hang in Hawaii, sit by the beach and drink margaritas forever.

But what we feel is that most of us perceive life as an outside world, and even if it's not the ultimate reality of the universe, it's even better that we work in our sense and not in our dreams.

True, we can create our own reality, but it takes a lot of work, dedication, strong will and time – not just a "will" part. To create your own reality, first open your eyes and look at the canvas that God helps you. When you take out your red paintbrush and start your artwork, do not tell us it's green. When painting a dog, do not tell us it's a cat. The answers to your reality are equally "out there" as they are "right here" as well as balance.

If positive thinkers constantly believe in the power of their will why not sit on the highway and will all the cars go away so they can not beat you? What about knocking your head against the wall and want it to go aside?

Perhaps these are not the best ways to succeed. Perhaps we should pay more attention to our environment and less time in our heads. I'm not saying to ignore the whole mind; The mind is your card and compass. But what are maps and compasses without countries to explore? At best, pipe a dream.

So, my message to alert you to positive thoughts out there: take positive thought! Instead of being positive, I recommend you to be open, but critical. Learn to be flexible with your mind – play with your point of view. It's nice to find good in bad but also find bad in good. If you only pay attention to the good side of things, how can you find compensation for improvement? In the same way that this congruent with positive thinkers around the world, how can you be proud of your success if you look bad? It is obvious – what we really need is not a positive thought but a balance of thought. Besides, why not make it sharp, intelligent thinking as well? Why have not your thoughts been grounded in your comments and not in your photos? Could it be a better policy? Think about it …

I found some scientific issues that confirm my views made in this article. A research was conducted by Canadian scientists who showed how someone helps you get worse. Similarly, the study commonly known in the self-help society as a "positive affirmation" – basically – investigated positive statements to build a habit of more positive thinking. Unfortunately, those who had little self-esteem found out to be worse after these statements, and only those who already had great self-esteem had a positive impact.


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