Cause-Effects vs. Incidentally Exhibition

One of the key men to succeed is that cause and effect. This model says that your goal is to succeed and your task is to identify and then create a cause that will produce the desired effect and achieve your goal.

Sounds simple, right?

However, the main problem with this model is that almost everyone misunderstands it seriously. And this misconception comes from not knowing what "cause" is actually.

You could assume that the cause of the effect was the order of physical and mental actions that lead to it. Action response. If your goal is to have dinner, you might think that the cause was the order of the preparatory steps.

For external audiences it seems to be the case. A scientific method would suggest that this is how things work, based on purely objective observation.

Though, in your own consciousness, you know that a series of action steps is not a real cause. The actions themselves are affected, is not it?

What is the real cause? The real cause is the decision you made to create this effect in the first place. It's the moment you said to yourself, "Leave it" or "Do it." At some point, you decided to have dinner. This decision may have been subconscious, but it was still a decision. Without this decision, dinner would never appear. Finally, the decision resulted in the whole series of actions and finally the nightmare of the evening.

Where does this decision come from? It can be caused by your subconscious mind, or in the case of conscious decisions, it stems from your consciousness. Finally, your awareness is more powerful, as it can avoid subconsciousness when it becomes aware of them.

Needing this very simple distinction has contributed to a lot of mistakes.

If you want to achieve the goal you've set, it's most important to determine it. It does not matter if you find it beyond your control to do that. It does not matter if you still can not see how you get from A to B. Most of these resources will come online after you make the decision, no sooner.

If you do not understand this simple step, you will spend a lot of time. Step 1 is to decide. Do not rip or meditate or ask and see if you can do it or not. If you want to start your own business, decide to do it. If you want to be married and have a family, decide to attract a spouse. If you want to change your career, decide to do it.

It blows the mind that people think that something else is coming for the decision. People spend months trying to figure out, "Is this a goal possible?" And it makes sense to do it if you are at a certain level of consciousness. But all you have to do is create a lag and you simply have to show that the goal is both possible and not possible. You think doubts in your head, you find doubt in the world.

I have always seen evidence that not only people, but the universe themselves, can understand the lack of commitment to goals. Have you ever heard someone tell you about their goal and you can only understand how blurred and unthinkable are they? They say things like, "Well, I'll try this and see how it goes. Hopefully it will be okay." Is it a clue that a clear decision has been made? Not remotely. Are you going to help this man? Probably not – who wants to spend time on someone who is not committed?

But what happens when you completely understand the other man? Will you help them if they ask for it? You are much more likely to help people who have been committed because you can always tell them to succeed anyway and you want to be part of that success. You will find even more energy and encourage you to promote the success of people who are very committed to achieving goals that resonate with you and legally for the greatest good of all.

Do not you think this process works the same way within your own mind? If your consciousness is divided against yourself, do you think it will commit all its internal resources to the goal? Will your subconscious give you all the energy and creativity that could possibly be, or will it hold back? Think of your subconscious mind as a multi-task computer processor. What proportion of resources will it protect for tasks that you have said that it should be executed with the words "Run this to a little and see if it works, but quickly shoot it down if it feels too difficult?" Now what if you have this CPU with a method labeled, "Run this now?"

The universe itself works on the same principle. Think of it as an unconscious mind. Once you have made a clear decision, it will open the full range of floods and bring you all the resources you need, sometimes emotionally mysterious or impossible.

When you want to set a new goal for you, start by setting it. Take the time to become clear about what you want, but just explain it.

Tell the universe: "Here's the goal.

Do not ask the universe for what you want. Prove it. Do not ask. This is very similar to prayer, but you are not asking what you want You are to ask what you want. You simply say, "Here it is. Do it so. "It's like planting seeds in the ground. You do not say to the ground:" Here's the seed. Please can you make it grow? "You simply plant the seed and it will grow as a natural consequence of your planting and its tendency. It's the same with your intentions. Simply plant them. There is no need to pray.

The intention is to demonstrate that Your goal is in a way that is best for everyone. This is very important, as intentions created for fear or lack of shocks will come back. Want, but it will give a bitter copy, or you might get exactly the opposite of what you want. But intentions really made for your own good and the best of all will tend to appear in a positive way.

After I declare my intention, I wait for resources and synchronization occurs. Usually they start running in 24-48 hours, sometimes earlier. Sometimes these synchronous results appear to be derived a subconscious operation has been there every day, but now I see M in new light, and they become resources for me that I have never noticed until after I declared my intention. But often it is almost impossible to explain such synchronicities as a result of my own subconscious action, even if I step back and try to look at them purely neutrally. Sometimes they encounter such unusual avalanches as I can only explain them as a result of unconscious action. In any way, the universe itself is aware of my purpose and is doing its part to help show it. I also find that the more I expect of these interoperability, the easier they flow. Now I usually experience about 10 per week on average, and I think it's because I have many different intentions to reveal, so that a steady flow of resources comes to me.

Spiritual and physical planning and action occur later. That's how I organize the resources that came. Once enough money has come to me, I can start to see how they fit together to achieve that goal. But if the path seems too complex or difficult and I do not like what I see, I propose new plans to do it the way I want. I say: "Make it simpler." I waited again for synchronization to come and a simpler approach becomes clear. Usually for an approach to be simpler, it means I need to get over some personal blocks in me. I have to grow at some level to take advantage of a simpler solution. Or, though, I need to learn new skills first. So while it could be simpler, it could also be harder on a personal level. For example, by setting the intention to do more to help people, I had to develop my communication skills. It makes the goal easier to achieve, but it is more workable.

It took me many years to trust this approach before I could start using it as default on the goal. I need to be open to achieving goals in an unusual way sometimes. I get what I'm going for, but not always what I expect. So when synchronicities start to drop me clues, I do not always understand how they become part of the way to the goal. But including information gathering in the workplace, and if I trust it will work well. Usually, it will bring me new information first, so I can raise my own awareness and knowledge at the level needed to achieve that goal.

For example, if I declare your goal to grow richer, you could ever see all kinds of interpersonal relationships. They may have nothing to do with wealth anyway. So you just count it and the approach does not work. But the approach is sound, and it's working. Most likely, it is a sign that the way to wealth first requires to improve your consciousness. This is especially true if your intention was for the highest good of all. If you get rich before your energy and consciousness have reached a certain level, more physical wealth can only feed your problems – your goal can not yet be for the greatest good of all. But if you first learn to use your energy and consciously positive, the more resources that wealth gives you will be a positive manifestation instead of a negative.

Truth is a simple and straightforward method. But our minds are so cluttered with flotsam and jetsam social facilities that we have trouble thinking about at this stage. We get such an attachment that seeing our goals appear in a certain way because it's how they appear on TV shows or in movies. Or maybe how our parents or friends did it. But this attachment to certain "ways" prevents us from allowing our goals to appear much easier. If we could rid ourselves a bit of "how" and just learn to allow the impression to take place in its own perfect way, the goal will be much easier.

So often I see that people are enjoying their own goals because they do not understand the power of their intentions. Imagine that every thought is really the purpose. Every thought. Thus, most people find cluttered mish-mash conflicts in their lives because their thoughts are in conflict. They set simultaneous goals and then disconnect it. "I want to start my own business." "I wonder if it will work." "I wonder if I'm successful." "Maybe this will not work." "Perhaps John is right, and this is a mistake." "No, I'm pretty sure it will work just fine."

If you try to achieve goals of action, which means you're focused on steps, but at a higher level of intent, you appear in conflict, you're sabotaging yourself. If you go on a diet and move like crazy, while you continue thinking, "I'm losing. This is hopeless. It takes too long," your higher goals will ignore your actions and negative or incongruent results will follow .

If you want to achieve a goal, you must clear everything "hopefully" and "maybe" and "can not" bull out of your consciousness. You can not afford luxury of negative thinking, and it's supposed to show what you do not want. This takes practice, of course, but it's a necessary art of learning to use consciousness to create what you want. When you congruent in your thoughts, your goals will appear with ease. But when you are incongruent in your thoughts, you must demonstrate conflicts and obstacles. Like inside, so without.

Why can you do this? Because you have that power. Do not believe in yourself simply means that you are benefiting yourself from yourself. You're like a god who says, "Let me be powerless" and you do not even understand it. If you think / are going to be weak, you will feel weakness. If you decide your power outside of you and into the world, you lose your power.

You do not have permission to do this. It is normal human ability. But it takes practice to develop your consciousness at the level you can apply and especially to learn to trust it.

What happens if you decide to show a really, very big goal, which seems physically impossible? The process will still work. It's just that it will be a lot more steps and you may have been through many harmonies for many years before reaching the goal where your ultimate goal can occur. It can take longer than your human life if the goal is so big. But you will definitely make progress if you use this approach.

So what's your goal? Say it aloud now and let it be for the benefit of all of you. Then tell the universe: "Do it so." Wait for synchronization and unusual coincidence to come. Follow them as they will lead you, even if it's strange at first. Allow your goal to occur.


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