Confirmations can make your dreams come true

Verifications are positive, positive statements declaring that something is true. When you repeat the confirmation, sufficiently many times with strengths and associates it with strong positive emotions, you will believe that what you confirm is the truth. Verification technology is a great tool for success in terms of the goal you want to achieve, to the extent that such achievements are possible for a person. Ways to apply this great goal of accomplishing technology are not limited to a few but covers the whole range of life literally.

We often repeat thoughts without being aware of it or say negative words, for example, "I will never achieve this goal", "I'm too old to do this." "What's the purpose of even trying?" To destroy all of these negative thinking patterns that lead you further from achieving your goals, you need to fill your mind with positive thoughts and opinions that are right for you to achieve your goals. Here's where the great confirmation device comes in.

Confirmation can save you from being subject to other opinions, low self esteem, bad habits such as smoking, bad self-esteem and stopping relationships. What you do is replace your old thinking with positive, repeated thoughts aimed at achieving any goal you want. Even the threshold you dreamed of can be true by using a confirmation.

Give typical examples of what positive confirmation is and how you do it to achieve goals:

Say you're weight and want to lose weight. You now need to make a positive confirmation of losing weight with one or more positive statements about what you want to do, for example:

  • I'll lose weight every day & # 39;
  • & # 39; I'll eat less every day & # 39;
  • & # 39; I will manage my weight today by eating rationally & # 39;
  • & # 39; I'll lose more and more weight every day & # 39;


You can now start the verification process. Here's one way to do it:

Choose a single word about what you want from the statements you've made, in this case, say you chose "weight loss." Write it down.

1. Enter into a relaxed state

2. Keep the paper you wrote the word "weight loss" in about 12 "to 24" and look at the eyes of the word and focus your attention. Keep this thought up to 20 to 30 minutes

3. Repeat this confirmation every two weeks at least.

When you continue your confirmation, you burn the image of your goal in your mind. You must be with you in your thoughts as you continue your daily life and you will see that you reach and reach your goal.


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