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In the article, Gratitude for a conscious presentation, I discussed the importance of gratitude in a conscious publication, as it complies with the thought that all things are created. Gratitude is love and creates orgasm or escape, and so to be grateful for what you want in advance is a great power to become magnetic to your wishes. The laws of attraction work within the thought of the subject and we can use it more vigorously the more we coordinate this creative material.

To summarize all the powerful consequences of appreciation, this is:

· Supports the vibration or energy of your fulfillment, enriching your impressions

convincing the subconscious mind to deliver this imaginary reality (remember the subconscious does not make a distinction between real and imaginary)

· Solves internal resistance that locks in interference and what is not desired so that the change is possible [19659002] · Contains internal freedom to be as you agree and " liquid "& # 39; energy able to move easily with life

· Speed ​​up learning so you can go on life

· Supports vibrational balance for best results in every situation so that you choose blessings rather than lessons

· Harmonize yourself with thoughts and thoughts of God and draw you close to the source of all blessings

· Return to the universe so that balance is maintained at all times (so you do not participate in restoring balance, ie karma)

· Possesses integrity and the state of inner peace that encourages healing

· As a force of unconditional love, it activates the hidden process of cause and effect of charity acting in the universe, given in life as being in God's grace

below It is a gratitude that grants you thanks for gratitude that can accelerate the delivery period for you. These confirmations can be enhanced with the authentication tool, which is like "ethernet" software and # 39; which contains a cleansing and rescribing protocol that cleans all that stands in the way of the integration of affirmation of energetic and revival of the unifying power inherent in the divine self and deep understanding of our divine right and our responsibility to show our lives according to our true desires. The tool allows people to declare the energy of the confirmation immediately, at deep levels. It does this by solving the opposites of opposing thoughts, hidden calendars, and unnecessary needs that are often subject to confirmation, clearing subconscious minds on all memories, applications, and patterns that do not support confirmation, let go of emotional and mental body patterns and applications as support for confirmation of verification and infusion of the body, heart, mind and soul with divine ideals that contribute to the deep integration of the truth of the confirmation. Faster impressions are further enhanced by creating imagination on the auric field that acts as a future possibility of drawing a person to the established reality that has been cleansed by a false intent. For more information, see ).

If you want to receive a version of this article that has all confirmation submitted in a firewire notification that will enable you to enable the authentication tool for you, you can log in to the list of insider tools on the website and send an email to info @ with the subject "Increase gratitude confirmation" and you will receive the confirmation so that you can experience wonderful cleanup and revival from this Tool.

Gratitude confirmation

1. I am blessed in many ways and I am very grateful

2. I am grateful for my life and growing awareness within

3. I am very grateful for the power that allowed me to manage formless intelligence throughout me.

4. The more grateful I am, the more my soul can live in close contact with God.

5. My soul is happy and unite with my experience when I thank gratitude.

6. Gratitude opens the door for my essence to flow through my life and breath blessings to pour into everything I like to create.

7. Gratefulness is how I convey energy to the universe for the amount I'm blessed with.

8. The more grateful I am, the more blessed I am.

9. The more grateful I am, the more I am connected to the origin and power of creation.

10. I am a deeply grateful creator who wants me to flourish in my life.

11. I immerse myself in greed and cultivate it as a habit.

12. In great gratitude, I am in balance with the amorphous material my life comes from.

13. With gratitude, I am near the source of abundance.

14. My subconscious mind is constantly finding things that I'm grateful for.

15. In my sleep, I am constantly inspired to support me in developing gratitude in life.

16. I am able to celebrate all experiences and acquire gifts that hold me.

17. I am grateful for the life that hugs me in a perfectly thoughtful way.

18. I let go of all the resistance for some of my life and accept it all, knowing that there is love for action. "19659002] 19. I release all the bitterness, resentment and dissatisfaction that I can see the blessings I have lost.

20. In gratefulness, I am in peace with my life and can revoke me from energy that is not serving and fully focused on creating wonderful things with great joy and hope.

21. gratefulness is my hydraulic energy that can easily move me with life and apply it according to my wishes, born of love.

22. In gratitude I am free and unattached with certain results: everything that comes to me is imbued with divine wisdom.

23. With grateful heart, I see opportunities for growth and joy everywhere.

24. My gratitude is God and God moves me.

25. My gratitude reaches for a source abundance and the source rushes to me.

26. In gratefulness, I love unconditionally and become infinite with infinite possibilities.

27. I'm able to do what I do because others have come to me. I'm grateful to the world I see.

28. I participate in and enjoy the brilliant divine essence of all who come into my life.

29. I'm grateful to all the players in my life. Everyone in my life is "love in love".

30. I thank all the people in my life, because everybody gets the opportunity to study me.

31. I am currently experiencing being fully supported by everyone in my life.

32. I am constantly and constantly grateful for everything in my life.

33. Gratitude keeps me connected to the power of the universe.

34. Gratitude is love, and my heart opens to receive all the blessings that come.

35. Thankful mind emphasizes the best.

36. I emphasize the best in everything and all, and the best is rich for me.

37. My life is a picture of what I post. What a wonderful experience!

38. I'm thinking Content takes a picture of what I think about.

39. I'm a lucid dreamer, dreaming of wonderful possibilities and possibilities.

40. Thankful mind assumes the best.

41. I always expect the best in everything and everyone who comes into my life.

42. I am deeply connected to the source and power of life with the love that I am.

43. I am deeply connected to the source and power of life with constant appreciation.

44. I breathe in the beauty, abundance and goodness of life; that's a lot.

45. I only see abundance and supply everything about me; how wonderful to be alive.

46. I am my dear god and in deep gratitude I allow myself to take this love in the depths.

47. Before I go to sleep, I release all idle thoughts and emphasize all my blessings.

48. When I count my blessings, my blessings will be.

49. As I'm grateful to others, they are gracious to me.

50. In gratefulness, I return to the universe and I am satisfied.

51. Being in gratitude is heavenly.

52. In gratitude I am in line with the creative energy of the universe.

53. With constant gratitude, I am open to receiving God's grace.

54. I am deeply and thankfully grateful and consequently I agree most successful blessings.

55. I am grateful and therefore allow more availability in my life to be grateful!

56. I release all the concerns about how to feed, dress or give my world and turn all my thoughts to express my love in freedom and joy.

57. Thankful mind expends to embrace even more blessings of life – I am constantly grateful and growing.

58. I only expect the best and the blessings, and I will be best, blessed and blessed to others.

59. Faith is born with gratitude; I have faith and am filled with merry hope.

60. I constantly expect great things and are very generous in advance.

61. I'm so grateful for being alive!

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