How to bypass the concept of consciousness and program yourself to succeed

Emile Coué, the French psychiatrist once said, "When
fantasy and power are in conflict, protesters are
always the imagination that works without exception."
It can then help you to succeed by understanding
the power of imagination.

Fantasy-based cities. Imagination makes dreams come true.
Imagination will drive a lot of people to success and you are
part of it.

We know that your imagination and optimization do not go well
as well.

When you dream, just half of your brain and
your subconscious mind work and usually you feel peace, you
see compelling photos and hear beautiful sounds. Success is
at your fingertips. But the problem is that the left half
the brain is also working and usually says "You can not do
" or "It's not for you" "You Do not Understand" What if I
Tell My Friends and family? "You are crazy."

The truth is that you are unique and your contribution is important.
Workers are only what you will be in a few years, are they not

There are some "tricks" that I would say or some proven methods and
technology to program you to succeed. One and
the necessary step to do it to bypass your consciousness. When
is complete, your subconscious mind takes over. You can freely dream
to see you win the game of life. You trust your mind and you are programming yourself to succeed. is how well
people do and that's what you do now!

Three aspects of cognitive programming are
relaxation, visualization and confirmation.

1. Relaxation: The first key a ð mental programming to succeed.
As we begin to relax the brain, aging begins to slow down and
our brain would come into what is called the Alpha state where
conscious mind has actually fallen asleep and
Our subconscious mind is still in control of our own independent nervous system
. In relaxation, the mind extinguishes, the body relaxes. It
is where our thoughts slow down until they get so light
they start floating. It is here that we can restore, revoke
energy, and empower us and make use of the power of [unconscious mind] the thought to create a long-lasting change. Alpha State
is the gate, the entrance leading to the subconscious

2. Visualization: The second key to mental programming for

With relaxation, you enter the creativity necessary for your
performance. You can recognize new thoughts and new opinions on your subconscious mind. And now, take the picture of what you really want
and act as you already have. Remember that your imagination rules
your life, informs you, encourages you or reduces you.
Photos worry or happy. Clear images and rich
Information about what you really want is one of the important factors
to succeed.

3. Verifications: The third key to mental programming for success.
You can recognize new thoughts and new opinions on your subconscious
with confirmations or suggestions. One principle
of the subconscious is the rule of conformity which means that
part of mind complains about where you direct him. In the book
is the only millionaire "from Robert Allen and Mark
Victor Hanson, one of the confirmations they encourage us to say
:" I walk like a millionaire, I work as a millionaire, I am
millionaire. "When you add emotions, it doubles or even triples
the result. Really believe what you are stimulating.

You can program yourself to succeed. It's all about using
the same tools and technology
show and confirm what you really want out of life. You can
work and you deserve to work. It's only reserved for those who want
really want to go for it. to take personal and
your professional life to a new level?


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