Smart goals – the most effective way to set goals

Here is a well-known formula for targeting, called the smart goal. It is the system that I use and I recommend you.

What are smart goals? Smart means special, measurable, close, relevant and temporary.
S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Detailed
R – Relevant
T – Duration

1. Special

Specifically, you describe Your goal in as much detail as possible, the more clearly defined, the better.

For example, "I will be fitter but I am now" is a general goal. Instead, there is a "specific goal of running five miles once a week". If you dream of a new car, what dose looks like the new car? You decide on "Audi A4, red, including navigation system". Good, this is a special goal.

The more accurate you can be, the better.

2. Measurable

To see if your goal is measurable, you can ask questions like how many? How much? How do I know when the goal is reached?

You will know how you work with your goals when it makes it measurable. You stay the right way, reach the goal gradually and see your progress.

If goals can not be measured, that's not a smart goal. Therefore, "happy" or "successful" is not an objective as such. Be special! "I want to drive 10 miles each day" shows a certain goal to measure. "I want to be a good runner" is not as measurable.

3. Achievable

That means you can complete the goal. It does not mean easy, just that you can get a reasonable hope of achieving that goal.

4. Relevant

Relevant means that the goal is important to you. It's something you really want, that fits your values ​​and opinions, and you're ready to work towards that goal.

It is important to distinguish between goals and thoughts. For example, you might probably be the idea of ​​becoming a champion, but are you really prepared to go up early and train each day for the next 5 years?

5. Temporary

Temporary is the last factor in the field of goals. That means you must set a deadline to reach your goal. Well, suppose we do not set a deadline, how long is it going to take? Perhaps forever. So add the end date to your goal.

Once you've set goals, find out if your goal is smart according to your smart goal. Adjust your goals until it's a smart goal.


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