The Required Element in All Purposes of Creation

Why do everyone spend all the years spending on goal, never seeing it appear? Many of us just give up. Emissions do not work on large parts. "I'm doing it wrong." "He could do it, but not me." We all have at least thought like this. I know I have. So what's the problem, and more importantly, the solution?

When we start working on purpose, we are usually down to hopelessness or sadness. Perhaps we can come up with a desire. We only weigh in negative, low emotions, and never let go of it. We will go down to all the emotions that arise when this powerful process begins to work in our minds. If it were not working, nothing would happen. Be happy with it!

The key to success is to use what comes up to explode you in the energy I learned. It's the only place your goal will appear in your reality. Simple. Anything under it simply will NOT do that. Successful people without this process do this naturally, and they move from one success to another. I know driving you crazy because it sometimes makes me feel. But we have to take part in them and use to publish to find out where they are. They might lose it one day and do not know how to get back to it, but we will know how to be there. There is a big difference. And, too, we're releasing our NON WINNING PROGRAMS in the process … PERMANENT. We are moving up, they are moving down.

I use a process that will drive me into C every day and move me past my "hugs" area. I use this every day myself, so I know they work. "Fake it till you do it" sir, Lester Levenson said often. He meant that if we are not yet, act like you are. Reality will follow thought. Is it easy to be C? No. It takes a lot of it to be released because we are not used to being high like that. However, consider choosing. No matter happens. Review yourself to see what C looks like and what feelings are under that policy. Ask yourself, "Am I there every day?" You may be surprised by what you see. Time to change it. Agree?

You must get rid of your programs and feelings that are not attractive and master the world. This master told me that.


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