Creation and innovation as a common sense of nationality

It seems to be an experiment in the United States and other early parts of the world to create a revival of innovation and creativity. This is interesting because because we have long worked for standardization in our education system, you get everyone on the same page and went on a step. Now we see that we are beaten in the international market and we realize that our biggest strength was our pioneers, creativity and innovation. Since we all agree, we are looking for more of it now.

Today, creativity and innovation have been rebranded almost as a sense of nationalism in the United States. We also see something similar had happened in Canada, as they worked very hard to create a knowledge-based society, get all educated people, and lead the world into a scientific discovery. Many of Europe also tried the same. As the 2012 Olympics show a sense of pride and ethnicity for sports, agility and sporting activity, we see how this can be such a strong relationship.

As we compete as Americans for creativity and innovation in the intellectual property market, we see that we have a good chance of being a free market. You see, the free market and capitalism reward people with great ideas that can solve problems and innovations and sell inventions and strategies in our economy. All we have to do is show them the way and let them compete in the same idea market. That makes sense?

It's almost like creativity and innovation is an extraordinary handle for a sense of nationalism and pride. The United States has always been in the forefront of the invention, problem solving and attitude. It's really the spirit of America, and it still shines. Some say that too much nationalism is not good, but maybe it's when it comes to focusing on solving problems, making use of and creating new products and services. Not to mention the fact that it will also provide more jobs, something our economy now needs.

Education is also a nice platform for raising a nation for nationalism, and it does not harm anyone else to compete for the educational team. Luckily, America is pretty good in all of these things, despite the fact that our society is not as educated as theirs, that's the case; "Be sure to look anywhere, America is working."

Promoting creativity and innovation as a sense of nationalism that I believe is a smart game for a great team – Team USA. It's not hurting anyone else anywhere in the world for us to do it. In fact, it could help them by adjusting the bar very much and demanding that they do the same.

Let this make time for innovation for America!


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