Day Trading Psychology – How to survive business loss

Let's look at it, business loss can be difficult. Nobody wants to lose money. As every trader will learn sooner or later, the business card is a regular part of the game. Nevertheless, many traders find it difficult to accept unavoidable loss of business.

When We Can not Receive Loss

It is the ability to accept individual business losses that may be crucial to whether you become a profitable trader. I'm not saying that a business loss is encouraged; but how you handle losses can significantly affect the performance of your business.

Refuse to handle and handle a transaction that does not work properly, resulting directly in a business error. It's inability to cope with the inevitable lost business that causes traders to cut business briefly, keep stopping in business, continue losing business, average down, and not pulling on a good business combination.

Learning to handle and deal with business loss can be as important as good business.

Quality Tips

Here are seven steps you can take to survive and even thrive when you're in a hurry:

  1. Write down business as it happened: Do not sweep the loss below the floor! You need to learn from the loss (that's its value), so write it down. Keep in mind how you looked at the market at the time and how your marketing activity and your clues seemed to meet the criteria for a sound trading business.
  2. Rate the conversion: When your business day has ended, return to what you wrote and see what you can learn. Did you miss-read the market? Was something something you failed to check? Did the store however fail to meet your criteria? Or was the organization valid it just did not work?
  3. Use the loss as a learning opportunity: Ask yourself, "What can I learn from this business?" Is there an insight into market actions that can be achieved? Is there anything about your business behavior that needs to be addressed? Anyway, you have the opportunity to try something new and it's precious!
  4. Take immediate action: Do you need to change your business plan? Is there a rule of personal discipline needed? Whatever you have learned, take immediate action.
  5. Keep your head and attitude right: You always have a choice of attitude. You can accept the loss as an inevitable part of the transaction and be grateful that you can learn from it or you can enter a negative lower spiral that hurts and reduces yourself and makes you even more miserable. Follow the constructive steps described here and get all this.
  6. Remember trading is based on probability: Every trading structure has the potential to win and the probability of loss. Above the number of transactions is a layout with a margin of profitable. Every business is always uncertain. This is a law of business opportunity.
  7. Turn to others: We all need support. Talk to your partner, mentor, spouse or spouse. It helps to unload a little and you can get different perspectives.


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