Innovation in the organization

First and foremost, you must promote an environment where new ideas are encouraged and given. The central government must be the agent of positive changes and transformations by learning to listen to their staff for new ideas. In general, Patton used to say that your soldier's moral identity comes directly from their ethical leaders. Therefore, the attitude of the top will be filtered through the agency. You must ensure that "clay center controls" do not prevent new features.

To start your innovation revolution, keep a simple race. Let everyone point out ways to make the business effective. Restricting exercise to "efficiency" will reduce ridiculous arguments for free massage and such. Make it clear that the winning idea will be rewarded (cash, leisure, anything). Now, here's the taste, make sure the winner is from the lowest levels of the corporate ladder. If you choose an idea submitted by the manager then your next competition will have a few entries.

In another race, you can concentrate on other aspects of the company. The idea is to keep narrow spaces for each race to minimize silly proposals that simply waste time. Remember to choose the majority of your winners from the line of employee level so that they hold ownership of the process. Make sure to host one race every month, to a minimum, to make this a new contribution to your corporate community.

After you run this race for a few months, your employees will be working to find ways to improve your business. Your staff will find better ways to do their jobs and will recommend their new strategies in the hope of winning cash prizes. You can hold a special contest for managers, if you want, but you should raise the bar for them. While your staff focus on making your own work better or easier, your managers can focus on issues in the league and so on the ladder.

Once you have established a corporate culture that rewards new ideas, you are heading for creative companies.


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