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Creativity can be defined as identification and ideology while innovation is defined as ideology, development and marketing.

There are different methods that increase knowledge of problems and ideology and, in the same way, different methods that enhance conceptualization, development and marketing. While it may not be for commercial purposes, this approach improves the likelihood that good ideas will be created and chosen and that investment in the development and marketing of these ideas will not be wasted.

However, the concept of innovation is too often associated with radical changes. Indeed, the opposite is true:

a) Latest innovations make use of current technology, are fairly new (not radically new), support current behavior, support customer needs and save money.

b) Radical innovation is the result of relative change. A small change can have a radical effect and cause radical changes when it is considered over time. An example of this is to view the old picture – very little changes make a lot of difference in the long run. A study of artists' works will show a slight change in periods before new knowledge or other inputs lead to radical changes, which are then experienced by a gradual growth period.

c) The radical innovations are essentially the result of invisible temporary changes and previous periods of radical change. The internet resulted from the connection of the computer, which developed from the primary production, which owes the existence of the fixed particle, which evolves from the oldest cathode tubes and so on.

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