Life is a journey – Enjoy the journey

Enjoy your own lifestyle and even appreciate the shifts and change your own life for you. Bring friends, family or audience joy by telling stories and adventures, reading or writing an article, book or teaching others who are happy to learn. Resell your discoveries and adventure. Try to do something on your bucket list, while you're young and physically fit! Satisfy your inner nominee who lives inside everyone and wants to discover new people, places or events.

As a small town child, my expectations are wild; though tangible, potential and powerful, when I lay down at night to dream, in my dreams I enjoyed many possibilities and provided me with many choices of life to meet or enforce my goals and goals.

As a young adult, I dared to dream, allowing me to believe what my mind might think; I could realize that I could accomplish everything with desire, focus and intent; I believed that I could have afforded those opportunities that went far beyond humble conditions.

Adults were my expectations and dreams wild, wild with desire for movement and adventure, I wished and traveled, too many aircraft and drove many miles and often called in my boots at home. All the travels; almost led my unraveling, As I listened to the courts whispers, and the murmur of family and friends who flooded my ears, until I became aware that they only felt from their own fear. I listened to, without responding and kindly let them talk about their opinions as I was quiet and unchanged.

We have called many places at home from apartments, to townhouses, even with ownership of our apartments; as employers we traveled with ease. From beach to beach; state to rule; I called them all the world; Texas; Florida; Massachusetts, New Mexico and Oregon, I knew international movement, in foreign places, was imminent, however, with the aim of returning a circle to Florida; my favorite state.

Finally, we moved to the state; I knew we would have, even though the day came before I was expected. I would finally know what it meant to be immersed, confused to be true, on its own, ideology and identity. I was born in a large country, with many states, and suddenly immersed in completely foreign ways of life. I was an American, living an extended life, in beautiful, old, state; complete with old castles, large corridors, rocky stones that were over 400 years old and the most beautiful people you could ever imagine on earth! The best part is that what made them so beautiful was that they knew all their history and were convinced of their own self-esteem and self-esteem.

I learned a lot as I taught; worked as a teacher, who was also one of my dreams; I also kept my dream alive to return to the US always to return to the favorite situation: FLORIDA!

Another adventure added to my list; I'm back in the states with a grounded, enlarged, privileged bliss, to give me the opportunity to live unimaginable dreams that live and learn about diversity, but immerse in another culture and enjoy a new life abroad, on the other continent, on the other side at the Atlantic Ocean.

We are all nomads who came to settle in our current country from different regions and continents and have learned from a tried and true form of communication and dirty discovery how to live productively. Enjoy your life, discover something new about yourself every day! Often the trip was tiring, but I came back together to see what a new adventure life would teach me next time. Everyone is so blessed and lucky; Enjoy the journey of life …

I enjoy learning from you and from others who constantly offer me knowledge!


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